Friday, February 17, 2012


You know when your phone rings before 7:00am it's never going to be a good news call.

Number One Son has been living it up in Thailand with a bunch of his friends. First the Full Moon party at Koh-some-island-paradise, and then a week in Phuket. They were due to fly home today and arrived at Phuket airport, bags in hand, to be told that Air Australia had gone belly-up and gee, sorry folks - you'll have to find your own way home. O_o

The kids booked through a travel agent, so she's madly working at this end to find them flights home. Thing is, at the end of a holiday you have approximately $2.50 in available funds left and that ain't buying an airfare from Phuket to Melbourne, not even through a super-cheap cut-price airline. Good old Mum and Dad....

We're hoping the travel agent can pull some strings, because according to their websites, at this point even the cheapie airlines only have $1400 fares available for the next couple of days, if they have anything at all.

Kind of puts a damper on my excitement at the bargain airfares to Malaysia and Vietnam that I nailed on Wednesday. But that's another post.


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