Thursday, February 23, 2012

Smooth sailing - or not?


No matter what your specific goals may be, fitness and health progress is never an easy journey. It's like sailing a yacht single-handedly (Disclaimer: I know nothing at all about sailing).

You launch your boat and set sail in clear weather towards a known port, and calculate that it will take you X time to get there. But along the way, the wind drops out of your sails and you spend time becalmed, just sitting there in the middle of nowhere, with no progress whatsoever. Or a storm blows up and you battle to stay on course. Maybe you even get swept overboard and have to swim for your life to get back to your boat. Your boat can spring a leak, you might be attacked by pirates....

The important thing with all of these delays and setbacks is to understand that they're perfectly normal. Fitness improvements or weight loss are never linear. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes. Life "stuff" gets in the way. Small setbacks are not the end of the world; you just pick yourself up and push on regardless.

And be sure to ignore those other boats racing ahead of you, apparently having a trouble-free journey. Things aren't always as they seem when we look at other people. We only see the side they present to us - whilst their sails might be full of wind (pun entirely intended) and their decks scrubbed, they may be down below, furiously bailing out the water that's leaking in through the holes you can't see...

I know my boat is water-tight - I'm dealing with a bit of nasty weather at the moment, but that will blow over eventually. How's yours?


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