Sunday, February 19, 2012

The weekend in review

Once again, I had an amazing weekend at Phat Camp - and once again I can barely move without yelping in pain. Four cardio workouts and four weights workouts in one weekend is a little more than I'd usually do....

It was great to catch up with Jen once again. She oozes positivity, plus is just downright fun to be around.

We had the pleasure of INBA Mr Australia, Warren Clampitt's company today - he was doing duty at the supplements counter all day, dispensing free Xtend and whey protein to all of us, courtesy of Flush Fitness. I really wanted to give those guns a squeeze ...but restrained myself.
LOVE that blue raspberry flavour!
Of course, there was plenty of training. Cardio Friday night, two cardio and two weights sessions Saturday and one cardio plus two weights sessions today. 

Jen demonstrates all the exercises, making it seem oh-so-easy ...until you try it, of course. Supersets and triple sets are always the order of the day. Word of advice if you ever attend a camp: don't spurn the baby weights - by the time you've done 15 triple sets and are lining up for your second go around, you'll be glad you grabbed the 3kg dumbbells and not the 7kg ones.
This combo was TOUGH: step, burpee, row, row, down the length of the room

Heart rate? Sky-high.

One of the best things about Phat Camp is the women who attend. Girls of all ages, all shapes and sizes and all fitness levels show up every year. Our youngest camper this year was twelve and our eldest in her late fifties. Every single one of them put in their best effort and left feeling proud of themselves.

Nobody judges anyone else. If you're a bit slow and coming last in a sprint session, nobody is going to be rolling their eyes or tapping their foot impatiently. Instead, they'll be cheering and clapping and yelling encouragement. If you're struggling with plyo jumps onto a step, one of the other ladies is likely to grab your hands and help you finish those last reps.

And it's always fun to catch up with friends and campers from previous years.

Tonight I'm sore EVERYWHERE and I know that tomorrow morning is going to be pretty ugly. I'm swallowing L-glutamine like there's no tomorrow and will be dragging on my Skins tonight before I get into bed.

Most of all I'm feeling pretty satisfied with my efforts over the weekend. Last camp I was carrying a couple of injuries and had to opt out of a lot of the exercises. This year I was cautious, but pleasantly surprised to discover that I can do plyometrics once again. Of course, I'm not very good at them, having been avoiding them for a year or more...but that will improve with practice.

Tomorrow is most definitely a rest day for me, but I plan to be back on the bike for Tuesday's 6:00am RPM class. Right now, I'm going to go put my feet up and do a whole lot of nothing much.


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