Friday, March 16, 2012


Yes, I'm still alive. There's been a sad lack of blogging or any other social media activity this week. It's just been... you know... one of those weeks.

There's been nothing disastrous happen, no real dramas. Just work, exhausting extended trips to and from the office thanks to major roadworks everywhere I need to go, Bike Boy away for work again and general lack of enthusiasm for - well, anything at all, really.

To dispel the general crappy-moodiness of it all, I did a couple of things for myself this week. I outsourced the ironing (yay!), handing over a basket of wrinkled clothing one night and getting back a stack of crisp, freshly ironed lovelies the next, and all for the paltry sum of $20. I also booked in an osteopathic treatment for last night and feel way better for that too. Having a minor injury to one foot really screws up your whole body...

Things are looking up (huzzah!): It's Friday today and the weekend beckons; plus my toe is feeling significantly better. I think the swelling has even reduced a bit (about bloody time!), so I'm hoping to get my runners laced up and hop on the spin bike in a few days' time. Cross your fingers for me....


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