Thursday, March 29, 2012

Style, school and stuff - my day in brief

*Not my actual wardrobe.

I have a day off today, so I should have time to write an insightful, witty and thought-provoking blog post (because I produce so many of those, right? ....Oh, shut up.) But hmm, nope.

Instead, this is how my day is planned out:

6:00am - cardio session at the gym.
7:00am - swing by the supermarket for some essentials, fill up the car.
7:30am - get breakfast on, check email, drink coffee, pretend to be "working" when I'm really faffing around on social media.
8:30am - fly through the house, stashing random shoes, papers, items of clothing and other detritus in cupboards or behind the closed laundry door. This passes for cleaning in my world. Don't judge me, I'm busy, OK?
9:00am - shower, dress, generally make myself presentable
9:30am - make a quick batch of sweet potato pancakes and a pot of fruit compote so I have snacks for the next few days.
10:00 - style consultation and wardrobe review with my personal stylist... Yes. That IS what I said. More about that later...
1:00pm - lunch, hang out washing, do a little work. Real work this time.
3:00pm - head off to the school for parent-teacher interviews
5:00pm - start organising dinner

And that'll be my relaxing day off over and done with.

I'd better get moving. This house won't hide its own mess, you know.


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