Sunday, March 04, 2012

An unwelcome break in routine


I can't say I've enjoyed my enforced rest over the past few days. Lying around on the couch watching DVDs, reading when you get sick of the TV and snoozing when you feel like it sounds like a whole lot of fun. And it is, when it's something you choose to do. I suppose it feels a bit naughty - after all, there's always housework needing to be done or something that you feel you "should" be doing.

But when you have no choice, it's never actually as enjoyable as you think it will be. At least this time I'm only out of action for a short while - not like the couple of major surgeries I've had where I was stuck in the house and unable to drive or do anything interesting for weeks.

Tomorrow I'll be attempting to squeeze my shoes on and will head down to the gym before work. My plan is to do whatever weights exercises I can manage - which I suspect will be upper body only at this point. I'll test out some cardio equipment as well, see what's manageable, but I expect I'll have to be a little patient in that respect...

It's very tempting to just jump back into training in my usual fashion. After all, things were going so well, and I hate to see my hard-earned fitness or strength decline. But I really want this bone to heal properly,  so I won't be doing anything that might hamper progress.

The next four weeks are going to drag, I just know it.


I wish I had a digital copy of my x-rays that I could upload, because they're pretty interesting. Apparently, a dislocated fracture of the little toe is a pretty common injury, which says a lot about the stupid design of the human foot...


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