Monday, April 02, 2012

5 reasons to love Monday

It's Monday morning, but I don't have my usual Blah, *sigh* Mondayitis. That's because:

1. I un-taped my toe last night (it's been more than four weeks since I broke it) and whilst it looks a bit odd, it actually feels OK. Still tender if I knock it, but mostly working just fine.

2. I bought seven pairs of shoes yesterday and they only cost me $160 all up. Bargain!

3. I'm back into my normal training routine - well, I'm still having to make one or two modifications because of the toe (no running and split squats are problematic), but it feels good to be just doing it once again.

4. Daylight saving ended on the weekend. I was sad to be closing the blinds an hour earlier last night, but very happy to wake up easily at 5:30am and to see bright daylight when I left the gym at 7:00am.

5. There's a short week ahead - Easter coming up means I only have four days till the next weekend. Yippee!

How's your Monday looking?


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