Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday moods

I'm practising positivity today, after a couple of particularly blah weeks. It's not that anything awful has happened, I've just had a lot on my plate. Too much stuff to do and not enough time left over for me makes my head feel as though it's going to explode.

A few busy days are generally OK, but when that's extended into a week ...or two... or three... then everything begins to seem like just one more demand on my time and attention. I get to the point where I'd give anything just to sit on the couch and read a magazine, or browse online shopping sites, or watch TV. And that's when I find myself resenting "having to" do things that I normally do quite happily.

The result is that I've been having an inner rebellion about training and food preparation (among other things), as they begin to seem like enormous impositions on my time. And naturally, I start to find excuses to avoid the things that make me cross and resentful - when actually, the root cause of my crankiness is a whole other set of "things".

Enter the positive mindset! If I tell myself that something isn't fair, that it's a chore, then it becomes exactly that. If I look at it differently; realise that it's my choice to do it or not, and consider the consequences of doing/not doing it, I end up with a whole different outlook.

For example: I can choose to skip training and stay in bed. If I do, I may feel as though I'm indulging myself, but in reality I'm not going back to sleep, and will lie there feeling grumpy. Then I'll be annoyed at myself all day for not sticking to my commitment. Whereas if I get up and hit the gym, I'll feel amazing afterwards and will start my day feeling energised and alert. And perhaps a little bit smug. ;o)

So I'm on the alert for any negative, self-sabotaging thoughts today. I'm lying in wait for those suckers and will pounce on them and beat them to death as soon as they appear.


Changing the subject, I got fed up with being blonde - after eight years or so... I'm useless at taking selfies, so this photo, shot in the bathroom mirror, is a bit crap, but you get the idea. Excuse the vacant stare. What was I thinking?

Brunette again!


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