Monday, April 30, 2012

More free stuff!

I just read a news article that informed me that Melbourne's morning peak "hour" now actually lasts for THREE HOURS. Which explains why I can never get to work on time. Well, that plus the fact that I spend way too much time reading blogs and tweeting, etc every morning and am always running out the door about twenty minutes later than I should be.

Anyway, that's my grumble for this freezing and miserable lovely Monday morning. On the positive side, you have a VERY good chance of winning a super-awesome prize if you hop over to Sara's blog and leave a comment. She's giving away a fitness pack full of unbelievably good stuff. Not only does it include a selection of fantastic Sana Direct products, but there's also a six-week online program from FitBodies (that would be ME), a super-dooper gym bag and if that's not enough to tempt you, there is the added bribe of SWISS CHOCOLATE.

Hop to it and get your entry in here!



Raechelle said...

mmmmm-did somebody say chocolate? I'm in!

Sara said...

Do it, do it, DO IT! :D

Debbish said...

Great giveaways!


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