Friday, April 20, 2012

The one with no substance, but at least there are pretty shoes

One of the biggest warning signals that my life is a little out of control is a steep decrease in blogging. When I'm struggling to get one lousy post up per week, it's usually because:

a) I'm pressed for time
b) My brain is going Aargh! Aargh! AARGH!! due to total overload, and thinking of ideas for blog posts is just Way. Too. Much. Effort.
c) I know that things generally aren't going well, and I really don't want to blog about it, because...ugh. Whiney posts are soooo boring.

So, apologies for the lack of meaty, fluffy or any other content lately. But hey, at least I have FREE STUFF to give away. (What do you mean, you haven't entered? Hop to it!) Also: shoes!

Purple crocodile! Would I have bought these a month ago? Nuh-uh!
Having a shoe manufacturer's factory outlet just down the street from my office is very dangerous. $130 shoes are regularly $80. And then they have these 40% off sales...which they kindly email me to tell me about. I swear I wasn't going in there at lunch time yesterday, so I have no idea how I ended up with these.

Anyhoo, today I'm out for lunch, so I shall be sporting my purple shoes with jeans, my blue Guess t-shirt with the crystal buttons (super sale item!!), a blazer and something mauve and shiny from the depths of my jewellery collection. Still trying to decide on just the right bag....

Jeans with purple accents

I shall endeavour to organise my time a bit better on the weekend and post something a little more interesting. Right now I need to go hunt through my handbags...


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