Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sh*t healthy living bloggers buy

Like the majority of households in Australia this week, we received our new Flybuys cards in the mail. If you're unaware that Coles has rolled out a revamped loyalty program, you must be one of the few households with no TV. Honestly, Dawn French has been cavorting all over our TV screens, frantically promoting the wonders of the new improved program; you must have noticed...

We haven't exactly been thrilled with the existing rewards program. We usually get a couple of gift cards worth a total of about $40 most years, even though we spend a billion dollars at Coles, Target, K Mart, Liquorland and the like. The new deal did sound better - double the points for dollars spent, for a start - hallelujah!

So Bike Boy dutifully logged onto the Flybuys website to register our cards, and found something interesting:

There's Dawn again, waving maniacally.

You can nominate 5 products to get 10% off every time you spend $50 in total between now and October. We thought that sounded like an OK deal, so we clicked through to choose our five products - and here's where it gets interesting.

When you use a loyalty card every time you shop, retailers can keep track of exactly what you buy...and then they can figure out what you like and how to target their advertising and specials so that you're more likely to come back and spend more money. Clever. So when we clicked over to the "my5" page, they were able to tell us what we buy most often and what we spend the most $$ on.

So what does a fitness/healthy lifestyle blogger's family buy most often?

1. Milk
2. Bread
3. Bagged salad mix

Yep, all good so far....

4. Schweppes mixers

*ahem* I blame Bike Boy and his Scotch habit.

5. Schweppes soft drink

This one is NOT me, I swear. I don't even like soft drink. It is a little disturbing though - even though we mostly buy Pepsi Max, I'm not thrilled that this stuff features in our "frequent five".

The results are skewed because we buy our meat, some dairy and bread products and most of our fruit and veggies elsewhere. But still...

Has anyone else checked out their Top 5 items? And if so, are you feeling smug or shamed by the results?



Megan said...

I don't have Fly Buys but when I saw all the promos in Coles I thought it was a good time to start!

I dare say mine would include baby spinach, coffee, milk, biscuits (those three are for work I promise!) and Coke Zero (oops).

Kek said...

Sue left this comment earlier, but unfortunately I lost it due to a technical issue:

"I just did the same Kerryn, my 5 are bread, coffee, cat food (we buy a sh*t loads), Darren's razors and for Darren also, Monster energy drink. Since we will be heading back to the US this year and use Webjet, I'm hoping that these items along with the large transaction for the US will be rewarded at the end of the year with some vouchers. "

Unknown said...

We really really do have a TV but haven't noticed this advertising and neither have we received a card in the post ( although it is a little while since I collected it!!- we have a post box) Must check it out! I think one of my most frequent buys would have to be pink lady apples followed closely by 'natural lollies' lol

Kek said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies - I can't reply individually unfortunately, as stupid Blogger's stupid threaded comment system won't work on my custom template. Grrr.

Unknown said...

went into coles today and saw EVERYWHERE all those signs!Duh! Where have I been?? Even hubby can quote the annoying ad!!

Anonymous said...

Me to Kerryn but mine are probably worse than yours. I tried to think of things I buy on a regular basis that is expensive so my top 5 are:
Darren's razors
Darren drinks allot of Mother energy drinks
Cat food

so most of my things are probably not great for health but it is what we spend allot of money on, on a regualr basis. Since we are also going back to the States this year and we use Webjet, hopefully at the end of the year there will be some good points available for us to use.

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