Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fit for fashion

I fully intended to write a proper blog post today, honest I did. I have a product review and half a dozen actual posts in the works, but somehow I've run out of time and inclination, so instead you get ....filler.

Since my styling session with Meaghan in March, I've been working on developing my own individual style, and I'm beginning to get a handle on it.  I still have a short list of essential items to track down, but I now have a pretty versatile wardrobe, with a mixture of budget pieces from Target, some more expensive quality items, a couple of things I found on etsy and one fabulous op shop find.

Here's a quick visual of what I've worn over the past few days....

Friday: casual work day

Red jeans

Saturday: shopping, errands & coffee

Jeans, brown/tan

Sunday: supermarket shopping. Apparently I was considered a tad overdressed, if the looks were anything to go by.
Burgundy jeans + warm white cardie

Today: sitting on my butt for several hours (a.k.a. "working")

Work wear red stripe

It doesn't cost a fortune to dress well either. Today's outfit consisted of pants, belt and bag from Target, long-sleeve tee by Emerson for BigW, shoes from my favourite factory outlet, and shirt by Cue, picked up for under $50 at the Myer mid-season sale a couple of weeks ago.

In fact, every single piece in these four outfits was bought from Target or Big W, or from a factory outlet or on sale. I love nice things, but I hate to spend money.

There you go, Kek's style in a nutshell. I'll be back (hopefully) tomorrow with something more health & fitness related.



Anonymous said...

I am fine with the fashion posts!

Unknown said...

I just got my report back from Meaghan and am so excited about getting stuck into it. The best bit is I have a Brissy trip coming up this month ... better make sure the credit card is ready :-)

Lorraine said...

Nothing wrong with your fashion posts Kerryn. Totally enjoying them. :-)

Magda said...

Kek, I am LOVING your fashion posts and your outfits are amazing. As for being overdressed for Sunday's grocery shopping trip .... pffft .... what would the plebs know??!!

:-) M

Anonymous said...

I love all these outfits Kek.

And it doesn't matter what other people think of them, it's what you think and feel of them when you're wearing them that matters. The locals will just have to come to terms with you fabulousness, that's all. xxx

Vicki said...

LOVE THEM!! I could be a little obsessed with fashion so I don't mind!

Sandra said...

Wow, wow, wow!
I think you're fast becoming Meaghan's "poster girl", Kek :-)

...I don't think the shopping outfit was "too much"...but that's just me.

...and that red bag is from Target??? LOVIN' IT

Please keep the fashion posts up, I think you can tell we all enjoy them. xo

Kek said...

Well, that EXACT bag isn't from Target, Sandra, but I picked up a very similar one for $30 last week. Actually, mine is nicer. :o) I'll post a photo when I get a chance.

Thanks for all the comments, ladies. As you can tell, I still haven't got around to any proper blogging this week. Perhaps tonight?

Anonymous said...

I've given you a favorite blog award. See here: http://foodfitnesslifelove.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/home-stretch/

Kek said...

Thanks Sara - you're such a sweetie! xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Kerryn,

All those dresses are lovely! May be I should take some fashion lessons from ya ;)

Thanks for the share.


Charlotte Orr said...

Nice outfits!

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