Thursday, May 10, 2012

Product review - Dove Nutri Oil Serum

This post is brought to you by the letter "D" Product Talk by Nuffnang.

I spend most of my time perfecting my "inner beauty" via healthy eating, exercise, de-stressing techniques (which I fail at quite spectacularly) and making small steps towards various self-improvement goals. If you've been reading this blog recently though, you will have noted my recent attempts to lift my game when it comes to my external appearance as well. How can you let your inner beauty shine when it's buried under daggy clothes, lank hair and outdated makeup?

So when Nuffnang offered, I jumped at the chance to give Dove's new Nutri Oil Serum a test-run.

By the way, I love Dove's campaign for real beauty, and the recent Facebook campaign where women got to replace a negative beauty message with a positive one. But I digress...

This product contains a "unique blend" of oils, including coconut and almond oils. Dove maintains that it's:
- Rapidly absorbed and doesn't leave hair feeling greasy
- Deeply nourishes, tames unruly hair and revitalizes shine
- As good as Moroccan Oil Treatment

I have very fine, thin hair and it does love to frizz. Add the fact that it's had chemicals dumped on it to disguise the rapidly encroaching grey approximately every six weeks for the last billion years, and I struggle to make it look halfway decent, let alone healthy and shiny. I was more than ready to give this stuff a whirl.

I used it for four days. The directions say to use 3-5 pumps, depending on hair length, but I found that it dispenses a pretty generous amount and 1-2 squirts seemed to be enough for my sparse mop. It's a no-fuss process - squirt, rub hands together and smooth evenly through wet or dry hair. It's the ends you want to work on, not the roots...

My verdict? There was a noticeable difference after only a couple of days. My hair felt smoother and was less inclined to frizz. Shame it didn't transform my short locks into a Jennifer Aniston-esque thick and long style, but I suppose that's asking a bit much. I can't speak for the third claim, never having used Moroccan Oil Treatment, but it definitely lived up to the first two claims.

I'm going to keep using it and will hopefully banish the dreaded frizz altogether. I'll keep you posted.

Here's a bonus for my readers: The folks at Dove were very generous with their sample products, and I have more than I can possibly use in the foreseeable future (...maybe if I had J.A.'s long, thick, luscious locks.... *sigh*). So I'm giving away three bottles of this great product. To clarify, that's one bottle each to three readers.

To enter into the draw, just leave a comment on this post, sharing the biggest battle you have with your hair. I'll draw three names randomly next Monday, so be quick! Australian residents only, sorry...

Disclosure: This is not a paid post. I did receive samples of the product to review, however no monetary remuneration was involved.

Edit: Entries close at 5:00pm Monday 14th May and I'll post the winners' details Monday evening.



Debstar said...

I have a cowlick in the front which means I cannot get a fringe to sit flat, it does what it wants, and I have a double crown which means I have a stupid flat spot at the back. It seems to get worse in winter.

Debbish said...

Sounds great.... will there be pictures?


Amy said...

The biggest battle with my hair is drying it! I have wayyyy too much and it takes forever. It has also been known to frizz - I got lots but it's quite fine.

Anonymous said...

Your hair sounds like mine Kek..and that serum sounds good enough to eat!. I have very fine hair that is neither wavy or straight. My biggest battle is trying to get rid of the frizz and add body to it without weighing it down.

Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

My biggest struggle with my hair is actually due to AGEING,arrghh! I naturally have very dark hair (black) - my dad is Spanish. Having black hair implies that grey hair is very easy to spot! I hate having to colour my hair because I try to use as little chemicals as possible on it (and I also like my natural colour), but for the last few years I had to, in order to cover grey hair. It's scary to think it will only get worse with time. I see how my mum struggles, colouring her hair every 2 weeks, it gets very dried as well. I'm thinking of maybe eventually changing my colour to blond (it would be a HUGE change, I never even had highlights), I feel that way it would be easier to deal with the problem, but I might be wrong!

Raechelle said...

My biggest battle is just keeping it looking half way styled no matter how much or little hair spray I use it always looks unkept-with the exception of the first five minutes after leaving the hair salon.

Melanie said...

My hair was down to my butt up until a month ago- I had a hell of a lot of ugly old hair cut off, but 3/4 of my hair is feral from bleaching it over the years- the only time it look nice is if I straighten it (which I dont do regularly!) otheriwse it looks like frizzy tangled fuglyness!

Cinders said...

Great review - I'm going to try this for sure and I bet it's a whole lot cheaper than Moroccan Oil. My problem are a couple of pesky grey hairs which look like pubes sticking out of the top of my head.

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