Friday, May 25, 2012

Weather report

If you're not in Melbourne, go check out the BoM radar to see what kind of bollocky weather we're having today. (I'd post a link, but have no idea how to on the blinking iPad) We're expecting a top of 14C today, with thunderstorms, strong squally winds and bucketing rain. We're on flood watch, as some parts of the city will likely receive a generous 70mm. I don't give a toss though. This afternoon I'll be sipping a cocktail in Port Douglas. If its raining there, who cares? At least it won't be 14 freaking degrees. See you Tuesday!



Megan said...

Yikes! It's not so flash in Mackay, either! Have a great trip :-)

Magda said...

Love. It. It sounds like Melbourne is getting the weather Adelaide had yesterday. But, I know, WHO CARES??!! LOL.

xx m

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