Sunday, June 10, 2012


I don't own an iPhone. I know... I must be the only person on the planet, right? In spite of using a MacBook and having a house full of gadgets all sporting the Apple brand, I'm actually quite happy with my Windows phone. Except for one thing: the horrendous time-lag involved in getting a Windows version of any cool new apps.  *sigh*

So, having recently acquired an iPad, I wasted no time downloading Instagram and I love it. (Well, duh!)   Sure, I still can't snap a photo with my phone and immediately Instagram it. But once I get photos from my camera or phone on my iPad, there's no stopping me.

So FINALLY, I can join the image-obsessed hordes and share what I'm wearing....

After 5:00pm? It's PJ time!

Shoe obsession? What shoe obsession?

...what I'm drinking....


Cab-sauv merlot

G & T in honour of Her Maj - Bombay Sapphire, of course.

...where I've been....

Port Douglas

Port Douglas

Port Douglas

Port Douglas

Port Douglas

....and other random pointless fascinating stuff....

CPR dummy. Rough kisser, as it turns out.

Pretty flower

Don't say I didn't warn you.



Sara said...

Haha, I can just see you pulling out your iPad in CPR class: "I must blog this!".
Seeing your glass of merlot made me want to be sitting and drinking one with you, having an awesome gossip about life. Instead I'm grinding my way through 'nutrition throughout the life cycle' study notes. It's making me lose the will to live...

Kek said...

Ugh. Hang in there and reward yourself with a glass in front of the fire later on. You can stick a photo of me on the coffee table and chat away.... Photo-me would probably make about as much sense as the real me after a couple of wines anyway. :o)

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