Sunday, June 03, 2012

Is it just me?

Scenario: You go to the movies. You walk into the cinema, which is empty apart from two people. Do you:

a) Choose seats a couple of rows in front or behind them?
b) Sit in the row immediately in front of them, but a few seats to one side?
c) Sit in the two seats right in front of them?

The baby and I went to see The Avengers yesterday. We were the first in the cinema and carefully chose our seats about four rows from the back, and smack in the middle of the row. A family of four came in next. The parents were quite tall. Guess which option they chose: a, b or c?

Oh yes they did.... Option c. Bastards.

We got up and moved along the row. I hate peering over someone's head.

Other people began to trickle in, and by the time the movie was just about to start, the cinema was about half full. There were two empty seats to the right of me, and one to the left of The Baby. Two young guys came in, surveyed the available seats - four in this row, six in that one, five over there. Entire damn rows were empty. Guess where they sat? Yep, in the two seats right next to me.

I looked at The Baby and he looked at me. We both rolled our eyes. Then we got up and moved again, to a row where we each had two empty seats next to us.

What is WRONG with people? I know I'm a tad cranky, but really - doesn't everyone enjoy a little personal space?



Debbish said...

I completely understand and HATE that myself. I used to mostly go to the movies alone and so I didn't want to be part of a crowd and didn't want people right next to me. I'm all for some personal space!

I can't believe people do that and think it's really insensitive!!!


Sara said...

People that sit in front of you when they don't have to deserve a smack in the back of the head. Accidentally, with a bucket of popcorn...or a coke. Hahaha.

Kek said...

Oh yay...I'm glad it's not just me. I thought perhaps my cranky hormones were set to maximum. Again.

Debstar said...

What bothers me more is when they sit near you and then produce the biggest packet of chips ever and then proceed to eat and crinkle the chip bag for a good half of the movie. Movies generally only run for about 2 hours so why do people have to spend the whole time eating crap. I don't understand.

Kek said...

Oh yeah. Or when old people spend the entire movie EXPLAINING WHAT'S HAPPENING to each other.

If you can't sit through a movie without making a freaking noise, stay home and wait for the DVD.

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