Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Little treasures got bigger

Over the years, Bike Boy has travelled often for work reasons. Before going on a trip, even a very short one, he'd always say to the kids: Boys, I have to go away tomorrow and I need you to look after your mum while I'm gone, OK? As little tackers, they'd nod solemnly - they've always taken this delegated duty very seriously...

Last night I wasn't feeling at all well and Bike Boy was away once again. I'd had a sleepless night on Sunday, which didn't thrill me when my return to work was imminent. First day back with three hours' sleep in the bank? Ack! Then I woke from my inadequate slumber with a slight headache, which stuck around all day. Then last night my clogged sinuses decided they needed some company in the form of a painful earache. Great.

I cooked dinner for The Baby, swallowed some Panadol, then parked myself on the couch in front of the TV. Number One Son came home, cooked himself dinner, put his washing in the machine and went off to his room to do whatever it is that he does in there. The Baby came out of his room at regular intervals just to give me a hug and mutter sympathetic noises.

At some point towards the end of The Voice, I must have nodded off. At about 10:15, my little darling came and woke me with a hug and told me I should go to bed, so I groggily staggered off to the bedroom and fell into a deep sleep. Bliss.

This morning I got up to find the lights had all been turned off, the dishwasher run, the kitchen and family room tidied and my iPad plugged in to charge.

My boys are the best.  :o)

No, I don't have any recent photos of the three of them. So this one from 2002 will have to do. Note that my eldest little darling is making donkey ears behind my head...



Cherub said...

Gorgeous x

Rockafella Skank said...

Awwww.... lovely. And from boys! You must have trained them well!

Katrina from The Block said...

Oh that is beautiful. Lovely boys!

Lorraine said...

Beautiful boys Kerryn. xox

Sandra said...

Sweet boys...could we introduce them to my girls...;-)

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