Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pashmina - it's Nepalese for "awesome"

Somebody pressed the "winter" button in Melbourne this week. Chilly temperatures, blasting winds and pouring rain do not comprise my favourite weather conditions, but since there's nothing I can do about it, I  need to put some thought into what I wear each day.

I can't just fling on a big, bulky knit. Given my dodgy personal thermostat, which can see me shivering one moment and sweating the next, my key word for this time of year is "layers". So here's how I coped with yesterday's delightful top temperature of 10C, my frequent hot flushes, plus an office air conditioning system that's frankly a bit schizophrenic:

Winter layers

A camisole (not shown) under a long-sleeved tee stopped me melting during my hotter moments (although there may have been some frantic fanning with the nearest flat object) and a cardigan over the top was adequate for indoors - when the air con was working properly. My leopard shoes were my statement piece, and collected numerous compliments.

When things got a bit cool, I pulled out my secret weapon: a pashmina my mum bought me in Hong Kong a few years ago. Wrapped around my shoulders, it added just enough extra warmth to stop me turning into an ice block.

When I needed to venture outdoors, my lovely warm wool coat did the trick, and the pashmina did double duty as a scarf to keep the draughts at bay. Such a versatile piece of clothing; light, yet warm and multi-purpose. It would be great for travel, as it weighs next to nothing and folds down to a thin layer. Evening wrap, scarf, maybe even a light blanket for plane trips...

I think I've found THE essential item to get me through the nastier part of the year. I may need several in different colours.  ;o)

What's your most versatile wardrobe item?



Sara said...

I don't know about versatile, but GLOVES are necessary for me in winter - if I don't want fistfuls of chillblains. Also, hot tea :D

Magda said...

My strappy spencers (or camis if you want to be fancy). I feel the cold so I wear them for about 9 months of the year including cool summer days LOL.

Debbish said...

Not sure about a pashmina, but I wouldn't mind a funky scarf... though it doesn't get THAT cold here in Brissy!

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