Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shaken, not stirred

Last night just before 9:00pm, I was sitting on the couch, dividing my attention between the TV and Twitter, when there was a kind of a bang and then a loud rumble, accompanied by the house moving around wildly.

It's funny how your brain works when unexpected things happen: What..? Helicopter...? Truck going past...? Strong wind...? Crap, the house is moving like crazy...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? That last bit, I yelled out loud, immediately followed by Earthquake?!

My brain kicked into gear and I followed correct earthquake action plan protocol: I turned to Twitter for confirmation of what just happened:

Shit, Twitter was THAT A FREAKING EARTHQUAKE??????

It was amazing to see my Twitter stream light up with tweets from Melburnians, all asking the same thing. I couldn't keep up with the tweets. Reports were coming in from all over the state - it was felt as far north as Albury-Wodonga, and west to Geelong.

As usual it took the TV stations a good 20-30 minutes to even run a news break segment, so Twitter and some of the seismological websites were the best source of info.

The judges scored it a 5.3 (there was some argument initially, with a score of 5.2 being awarded, then after a protest, being upgraded to 5.5, and finally points deducted for not being scary enough, so back to 5.3) and it was pretty shallow, being 9.9km deep. The epicentre was in the east of the state, near Moe in Gippsland.

It looks as though there's only some minor damage - the State Emergency Service reported last night that they'd had about 20 calls for help, and none of them for anything major - but it was sobering this morning to read that the disastrous Newcastle earthquake back in 1986 was a 5.6.

I pity the poor supermarket staff down in Moe, Morwell and surrounding areas this morning. They have a bit of work to do...

Source - The Age
There's a bit more info here if anyone's interested.

I'd like to request no aftershocks today, thanks. I work in a seven-storey building and I really prefer that it doesn't sway about whilst I'm in it.



Sara said...

Aftershocks are GOOD, if they are little. They settle the ground back. The last thing we expect is to hear of eq's in Melbourne! Here's hoping it all goes away now and you never have to think about it again. But, anyway, you do have an emergency kit, right?

Kek said...

Emergency kit? That contains sensible-heeled shoes to change into plus a supply of wine and chocolate, right?

Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

I know how scary it can get. When I lived in Japan, I got woken up at night in many occasions by intense earthquakes (6.5+). The bed would be moving up and down! Weird! It used to happen during the day too. I also experienced it while visit NZ with my parents, and in Nouméa, New Caledonia! I must be the earthquake girl!

Sara said...

It's interesting that you mention the noise too. They are louder than you'd think.

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