Thursday, August 23, 2012

Check your ego at the door

So, after just over a week of my Fit & Fitter challenge, how have I gone?  Quite well, actually. Food's been mostly excellent and training is right on track. I'm drinking my water, (still) taking my supplements and taking time out at work to do my rehab exercises. I jumped on the scales this morning to find that they haven't budged at all, but I don't particularly care. I can see and feel a difference, and overall I'm feeling much better than I was a week ago.

Training has presented some challenges. For a start, I have to find exercises that I can actually do.  Whilst just about any leg exercise is OK, I can't hold heavy weights and definitely can't get a bar on my shoulders. Not to worry! Given that I've had a few weeks off, pretty much anything is doing the trick at the moment. Over the coming weeks, I'll mess around with reps and sets and change exercises to keep things happening, since I can't really increase weights.

My other challenge has been overcoming some negative self-talk, all around feeling like a king-sized wuss because I'm not heaving heavy things around. I had to remind myself that: a) nobody is looking at me; b) even if they are, WHO CARES?; and c) I'm doing what I need to do, so just shut up whining and get on with it.

Ego may still have (slightly) got the better of me on Saturday...After doing my squats, lunges, rehab work, a short treadmill interval workout and some stretches, I found myself eyeing off the stability balls. So I grabbed one and did a couple of these:

Yes! I've still got it! Hehe. That made me feel a bit better. Until the next day, when I could barely get myself out of bed thanks to possibly the worst DOMS I've ever had.

That'll teach me. Or maybe not....   ;o)



Magda said...

hahaha - me too with the DOMS. Because I've been running more, I've been blowing off my leg training with the excuse that my legs need the rest. But on Tuesday I sucked it up and did my usual leg weights knowing that it would hurt the next day. And HURT it did and even worse today. Aaargh, you think I'd learn.


Liz N said...

Good for you - I've been doing a fair bit of strength stuff and I am sore everywhere!

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