Friday, August 17, 2012

Fit & Fitter Friday update

My Fit & Fitter challenge is going well. Given that today is only Day 4, I can't report on any major progress, but I'm happy with my day to day achievements so far.

Nutrition has been tidied up, which basically means shovelling in more veggies, cutting down on starchy foods and paying attention to portion size. No junk, no lazy meal options (a Vegemite sandwich is not the ideal lunch, in case you were wondering) and bye-bye to my evening bottle glass of wine. I've even remembered to take my supplements.

As predicted, training has been less than exciting. Rehab exercises and some short walks have been the extent of my efforts, thanks to mostly vile weather and my respiratory problems, which stubbornly refused to vanish on demand. Today I finally feel as though I can breathe normally, so it'll be back to the gym at last tomorrow morning. Cannot WAIT.


I have some new and exciting adventures ahead on the shoulder rehab front. Well, maybe not really exciting... I've just been prescribed a cortisone injection into the subacromial bursa. While the injection itself may not be fun, I am looking forward to reduced pain and inflammation, and being able to really get stuck into some strengthening exercises for my weak upper back and external rotators.

Getting back to doing overhead presses, pullups and so on is probably a long way off, but at the moment I'll settle for being able to get my bra on and off without behaving like a circus contortionist. Or wash my hair using both hands.

Injuries. Eesh.


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Debbish said...

Ugh.... how frustrating injuries or sickness can be!

Glad all is going well (and your shoulder slowly improving!).


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