Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Product review: Harvestbox

I'm always on the lookout for quick, on-the-run snacks that are actually made from real food. Of course I have a repertoire of recipes that I use on a regular basis, but sometimes I just can't be arsed don't have time to prepare things in advance. And while I love fresh fruit, it's helpful to have a little something on hand that won't go off and stink out my desk drawer or turn to putrid slush in the bottom of my handbag.

So when the lovely people at Harvestbox offered to send me a sample of their product to try, I jumped at the chance. What a brilliant idea! - Snacks mailed right to your desk. A box like this turns up in the post:

Inside are four sealed containers with a different mix in each. The range is huge. 

My four varieties were:

Bear’s Picnic
Canadian maple cashews, roast peanuts.

By the Beach
Macadamia, coconut, brazil nuts, mango

Strawberry Sundae
Strawberries, banana, sultanas

Fruit & Nut
Roast hazelnuts, flame raisins, dark chocolate

I tried the By the Beach mix first, and those are the nicest dried mango strips I've ever had. Whenever I've tried it in the past, the texture's been like bits of old dried leather and the taste has been pretty nondscript. Not these! Tender, still moist and most definitely tasted like mango. 

I taste-tested all four varieties and loved all of them. If I had to pick a favourite, the Bear's Picnic might just win by a nose, although the dark choc chips in the Fruit & Nut combo were right up my alley.

The cost seems reasonable too, at $7.95 a pack. That's just under $2 per snack; not bad at all - especially when you don't even have to go out to buy them. And the website seems easy to use, so they get bonus points for that.

The verdict? I give them the thumbs-up.  Keep in mind that nuts and dried fruit are quite high in calories, so in general need to be eaten in small portions. Luckily, the Harvestbox servings are quite small, and would be fine for most people as a snack option a couple of times a week. 

Disclosure: This is not a paid post. I did receive samples of the product to review, however no monetary remuneration was involved.


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