Friday, October 05, 2012

Did someone say CHALLENGE?

I seem to be a sucker for a challenge at the moment. As well as my recipe and eat more veggies challenge, I appear to have committed myself to the following:

- Fat Mum Slim's October Photo a Day challenge. I wasn't going to participate this month, but peer pressure from a certain someone got to me. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Clara!) I don't think I'll post my daily pics here, but if you want to follow along, you can find them on Instagram or Twitter. Don't have Instagram? That's OK, you can view people's pics in a web browser, over here on Statigram.

- A 12 week health, fitness and ditch-some-excess-weight challenge that I began before we went on holiday. I know! What was I thinking, starting something like that with a three-week holiday looming? I thought about waiting till we got back, but I figured, hey, why delay things? So I jumped straight in, tidied up my eating and turned up the heat on training a little and was pleased to see my fitness improving and my patchy skin clear up (always a tell-tale sign that my diet is not as it should be. Tsk). As a bonus, I also shed a couple of kgs before we left. I'm right back into it with almost six weeks to go and feeling great. My goals are a bit vague: increase fitness; see some improvements in my dicky shoulder; feel energised. And if a bit of unwanted body fat goes west in the process, that's all good too.

- The corporate 10,000 Steps Challenge. My workplace runs this every October and I've participated a few times over recent years. The idea is to tally up at least 10,000 steps each day and compete, both as teams and individuals, to accumulate the most steps over a month. I got back from holidays on Tuesday and was working through the several hundred emails in my inbox when the call to arms for the upcoming 10,000 Steps event caught my eye. Quicker than you could blink, I'd sent an email around to my team looking for interested parties (we needed ten people to make up a team) and before I knew it, I was "volunteered" as team captain. We're set to go on Monday; I just have to find where I put that pedometer...

Not quite 10,000 steps, but it bloody felt like it! Batu Caves, outside Kuala Lumpur

I think I may have a slight problem when it comes to my competitive nature. Don't anybody else say the word "challenge" in my hearing, OK?

Am I a complete nutcase, or does someone laying down a challenge get you fired up too?


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