Monday, October 01, 2012

Travelling light

I swear I intended to blog more than once whilst away, but sleeping in, sightseeing, hunting out delicious local foods and lounging around pools kind of got in the way. There was also the small problem of hopelessly unreliable internet in Vietnam. Just getting a few photos uploaded to Instagram took the patience of a saint.

We had a great time - apart from the nasty episode of digestive distress I suffered in Penang, courtesy of a dodgy fish salad. Much time was wasted there lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. Boo!

I actually packed some training gear, but it never made it out of my suitcase. Except for the one day when I donned my runners because we were visiting a tourist attraction that required climbing 300-odd stairs. Yeah, I thought thongs were probably a bad idea... I also ate whatever I wanted - again, except for those few days in Penang when I felt vile and ate next to nothing - and indulged in a few desserts and a daily cocktail. Or two.

So, I must have come home with a few extra kgs on board, right? Well no, not really. We arrived home on Friday and I stepped on the scales on Saturday to see a bonus 2kg had appeared. I'd already predicted that, as something about air travel tends to make me retain fluid and I could see it in my puffy face and ankles. Two days later though, that's gone and I now weigh exactly what I did when we left three weeks ago.

What's my secret, you ask? Although I may eat whatever I like, I make sure not to overdo portions. I try to practice what I usually do at home and pay attention to my body's fullness signals. I never, ever allow myself to get to the "totally stuffed" stage. I try to include veggies and/or fruit in most meals too - they fill me up and help prevent overindulgence on less healthy items. And I aim to stick to sensible quantities of alcohol. Just quietly, bucket-sized glasses of "bottomless Sangria" are not a good idea. I may have found that out the hard way...

We also shun taxis when we're in a foreign city and use the perfectly good legs we've been given to walk everywhere. You see more that way, plus you burn off the previous night's cocktail(s)...

It's not rocket science, I know, but it works. :)  Of course, weight maintenance is one thing, but fitness is a whole other story. I now have to get my fitness back up to where it was three weeks ago. Tomorrow's RPM class is going to be nasty.

To distract myself from that horrid thought, here's some gratuitous food porn from Kuala Lumpur:

Breakfast: street food, KL-style:

Coconut rice topped with curry and half a hard-boiled egg
Crispy popia - way more delicious than they look! 
More street food, this time dinner:

Giant BBQ prawns, topped with about a ton of garlic
Crab curry - very messy, but delish!
Mussels with some Chinese green veggie or other
One of our favourites - food on sticks. I think it was chicken.
Sweet somethings. Each of these was literally two bites, so overdoing it wasn't an issue unless you went back for seconds, thirds and possibly fourths:

Chinese custard tart

Chocolate lava pie. OMG-good!
Our biggest food indulgence was a swanky afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton on our last day. There were cucumber sandwiches (of course!), mini quiches, scones and all kinds of delightful little sweet morsels, including these:

Tiny berry tarts complete with edible gold leaf
The spread. Well, some of it...I forgot to take a pic until we'd demolished half of it.
And thankfully, unlike certain other South East Asian destinations, they know how to make an espresso in KL...

Caffeine withdrawal is NOT something you want on your holiday.
I do have some photos of things other than food from our trip, but that's a whole other post. :)



Liz N said...

Ah she blogs! Welcome back - your holiday sounded amazing :)

Debbish said...

I love savoury things for breakfast. When I lived in Cambodia one of the things I used to love most was this stir-fry beef I had with rice for brekkie most days! Yummmm....

Some of this food looks delicious! And well done on all of the walking and portion control and no weight gain!

Sara said...

I never gain weight while travelling. I think it's a combination of move, move, move and just sheer relaxation. Stress is very fattening, no?

Kathryn said...

I find I rarely put on weight when I travel which confirms my food issues are mainly for boredom eating. I also walk heaps too. I've done over 20 km on foot in a day on hols - that's about a half marathon!

I've realised that training gear is a waste of baggage space for me. If I've got a pair of leggings and a tee-shirt, it can do double duty if I really feel the urge to workout.

Kek said...

Thanks for the welcome home and sorry about the absence... Internet was really ordinary in many places, dropping out about every couple of minutes. So even when I had the urge, it was all just too hard. :/

I'd guess we walked an average of around 10km most days. In 35C heat and 80% humidity, that's quite a workout.

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