Monday, November 12, 2012

A little pause

You know what's fun? Spending all day in your pjs on a day off; flying a kite at the park on a windy day; watching a spectacular sunset in an exotic location' or ....I don't know, touring a chocolate factory, with free samples?

You know what's NOT fun? Freaking menopause. I wouldn't use the word "crazy" exactly, but let's just say that hot flushes, constant anxiety and disrupted sleep do not make for a serene outlook on life. I've spent the last couple of weeks alternating weeping and biting heads off, whilst managing to get exactly nothing done...and that includes blogging. I'm rectifying THAT situation right now, after just a little some stalker-level prompting from a certain someone who's been emailing, commenting and Facebooking me "RUOK?" type messages.

I agreed to join in Sara's Festive Fitness challenge, but I have to admit that my first week hasn't been impressive. Exercise has been limited to a few walks, one RPM class and running a client through an outdoor session. Food was pretty good overall, but there was a Cup Day BBQ, in which these pear drop tarts from Jamie's 30 Minute Meals featured:

Noms! Pear, raspberry jam and a meringue topping.

Plus my annual outing to the Oaks at Flemington, at which event champagne is compulsory:

This year's ensemble

...and there may have been a few glasses of bubbly consumed at home to celebrate an actual warm and sunny weekend.

And to top it off, I didn't even manage to blog my challenge goals. Nice going, Kek. I'll rectify that one right now. Here's what I'm committing to between now and Christmas:

Training - 6 days per week. 2 weights sessions, 2 spin sessions, 2 other cardio sessions per week. Shoulder rehab to be done every day as well.
Nutrition - No alcohol, no junk, no wheat, no more than 2 coffees per day. I'll be going heavy on the veggies too. Also? I need to add a few supplements to my regimen - and take them on a regular basis.
Lifestyle - Adequate sleep each night and no procrastinating about stuff that needs to get done. That only leads to stress, which very quickly throws me into a downwards spiral in the areas of food and exercise.

But to quote Captain Barbossa (imagine piratey voice here), these are not exactly RULES; they're more like GUIDELINES.

Exceptions can and shall be made. My birthday weekend in Hobart, for example, will most definitely involve some lovely Tassie wine and no doubt also some dessert. If I'm tired and sore and feel the need to throw in an additional rest day one week, I will. You get the idea.

My goals? To drop another 2-3kg and to get back to running 5km without feeling as though I'm going to die. My most important goals though, are health-related:

1. To gain a further 20 degrees of flexion in my right shoulder by Christmas. (I've gone from 120 to 150 over the past few weeks, so that's certainly doable.)
2. To reduce the hideous menopause symptoms to a level I can tolerate and regain my sanity.
3. To push down my pesky cholesterol from an unacceptable 7.0 to somewhere closer to 6.0, or even lower if I can. More on that subject later...

That's it in a nutshell. I will be making an effort to get the blogging juices flowing more regularly too. Accountability and all that.

I'm off to squeeze in a little R & R now. Over and out.



Sara said...

Bwahaha, it worked! You blogged! Now, doesn't that feel better? Also, you made that tart? Looks so professional...

Kek said...

Yes, it does feel better. Thanks for the prompts. xxx

The tart is a total cheat fest. Bought pastry case, jam, canned pears...just make meringue & bake fir six minutes. So easy, it should be illegal.

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