Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas traditions

The next four days are going to be fairly busy as we prepare for Christmas Day - it's our turn to host the big family do this year, and we'll be serving lunch to twenty-three assorted relatives. No big deal, we have it down pat now.

We still do a kind-of traditional Christmas dinner, but have adapted it to the Aussie climate, called the BBQs into service to avoid heating up the kitchen, and due to the sheer numbers (and our lazy tendencies), don't plate up individual meals. Instead, we do the whole thing buffet-style; much more sensible. So the menu is looking like this:

Entree: Fresh prawns and my Mum's spectacular smoked salmon roulade.

Main: Roast pork, roast turkey and home-smoked ham, served with roasted veggies and numerous salads. Of course, there's all the usual accompaniments: stuffing, gravy, apple sauce and so on.

Dessert: This year we have the ubiquitous Christmas pudding, a Tim Tam tart, lemon tart, trifle and a chocolate zuccotto something-or-other. And a fruit cake. Plus a couple of others that haven't quite been decided on yet. I'm thinking something with fresh raspberries & white chocolate? Death by Chocolate may be a little O.T.T. next to a Tim Tam tart.

The food-porn ghost of Christmas past: Last year's Death by Chocolate.

For some reason, there's also mince pies, chocolates, nuts and other treats served up with coffee - which nobody needs. But hey, it's Christmas...excess is kind of compulsory, right? No relative is getting out of here without a big plate of leftovers though; I want no desserts left in my fridge. Any prawns that don't get eaten, however, will be squirrelled away for a Boxing Day treat. :)

Meanwhile, all I want for Christmas is some fine weather, so we can eat outdoors.

Dear Santa, please don't send us any of these hailstones this year, OK? 

I'm always curious about what others do for Christmas dinner. Anyone care to share their menu?



Sara said...

It's always the same sort of thing - a honeyed ham done on the BBQ, veges and then a bazillion types of dessert + bubbly wine at Jases parents place. I'm usually in a food flakeout by about 2pm. Then wake up and do it all again for dinner, but at my uncle's house. :D

Kek said...

Love the emphasis on desserts. As it should be....

MTB Girl said...

We were joking this morning that there seems to be a whole cake for each of 10 people coming to ours.....yum! I'd happily come to your place for all those desserts.

We're starting with prawns too, for those of us who like them. Others will eat chocolate instead, the traditional Christmas breakfast around here.

We're breaking out the BBQ and salads, followed by pudding and lots of cakes and other desserts, cheese and crackers etc.

Debstar said...

Left over prawns. Does that really happen?

Fruit cake is no longer on our menu due to the fact that no one eats it and I am left with the thing.

If it were up to my girls we would not even bother with chicken, ham or salads, we would just go straight to the desserts.

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