Monday, December 31, 2012


Some years ago, Bike Boy gave me a copy of Gorgeous Skin in 30 Days. He came across it somewhere and thought it was exactly the kind of thing I'd like. Which it was. I read it, thought it was full of good sense and then put it on the bookshelf, where it remained, gathering dust. I figured I'd get around to doing the 30 day program... eventually.

Recently, I'd been having a bit of a battle with dry patches of skin and while I was sighing at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, a memory stirred. I hunted around on the shelves, found my copy of Gorgeous Skin and settled down for a read. It's basically an "eat yourself beautiful" kind of approach involving common sense things like scoffing lots of fruit and veggies, plenty of fish, staying away from junk food and supplementing with fish oil and some vitamins and minerals.

I decided to give it a whirl - but not until January, given I had a weekend away, a couple of family birthdays and the big Christmas do to contend with in December. So I'm gearing up now. It's mostly the kind of nutritional approach I normally use anyway, but I'm expecting to be a bit stricter than normal, given that it's only for a month.

The slightly distasteful part is that the program begins with a 3-day detox. I'm willing to give it a go, if not exactly enthusiastic about it. Three days of juice, steamed veggies, protein shakes and vegetable broth... uh, let's see how that turns out. I do not promise to give up coffee. I figure the withdrawal symptoms from all the wheat and sugar that's gone down over the past couple of weeks will be bad enough without throwing caffeine withdrawal into the mix.

We acquired a brand spanking new juicer this week, so whipping up some fresh fruit and/or veggie juices will be a breeze. Here's one I prepared earlier:

Apple, cucumber, celery and ginger - yummo!
I shall blog my progress over the month, so stick around and see what happens. If you're brave enough.


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