Friday, December 21, 2012


This morning, for the first time in weeks, I feel as though I can breathe. The pressure is off because I finished work for the year yesterday and trained my last client on Tuesday. So apart from a couple of emails which I'll get to over the weekend, I have zero work-related responsibilities until mid-January if I so choose.

< Insert huge sigh of relief here >

The absence of pressing work to be done seems to have cleared a small space in my over-crowded brain, which I hope may allow some blogging over the coming weeks. I'm not laying money on it though; we'll see how things go.


We've been doing some cleaning up and rearranging of our storage here, and in the process I spent some time looking through old photos of the boys.  I discovered that I don't have one single Santa pic of The did that happen?

Then I found these and all became clear:

1992. Sweet baby, sulky 5 year old.

1993. Toddler wouldn't cooperate. Smug 6 year old has Santa to himself.


The baby was born in 1995. I obviously just gave up after the previous appalling efforts.

I wonder if I can persuade the three of them to pop down to Westfield tomorrow and queue up for a  Santa photo with all of them in it? Maybe the older two can re-enact the scene from 1994...?



Kathryn said...

Do it. It'd be awesome.

Kek said...

It SO would.... bet they won't do it. Bastards.

Unknown said...

Do iiiittt!

Those photos are hilarious!

Magda said...

that would be absolutely PRICELESS.One would hope that Santa would be suitable amused.

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