Thursday, January 03, 2013

Detox - Day 2

Planning to do this whilst I'm on holidays was a stroke of genius. No responsibilities, no rushing around, no need to use my brain much at all.  :)

Day one was a breeze, as I expected. I wasn't even particularly hungry until the evening and a bowl of veggie broth, a cup of tea and a handful of cherries took care of that. Yes, fruit is supposed to be juiced, but I couldn't be bothered cleaning the juicer again, so figured what the hell...

Four litres of water was consumed - I was surprisingly thirsty. Of course the extra liquid and the lack of starch in my food resulted in a million trips to the bathroom as my body dumped excess fluid like nobody's business. And as expected, there was an overnight weight drop of about a kilogram.

My day spa session was wonderful, of course. My muscles feel less spazzy and twisted and my face all smooth and refreshed. I wish I could do that every week, but alas, the bank balance wouldn't stand it.

I spent the afternoon lounging on the couch with season 2 of The Tudors and some cranberry and pomegranate fruit tea.  There may have also been napping.

Everyone knows that tea tastes better in a pretty cup.
Today's agenda includes a way overdue hair appointment and then another quiet afternoon immersed in the world of Henry VIII. So far I feel OK, although I didn't sleep well. Definitely something going on there. :/

This morning's juice ingredients: apple, kiwifruit, grapes, cucumber, pineapple, spinach & mint.

I expect tomorrow to bring some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (oh wheat, why do you hate me?), so am planning to go exactly nowhere.

By the way, I get a lot of my kitchen inspiration from foodie magazines - if you're looking for some new meal ideas, this months Good Taste magazine has some ripper healthy summer recipes. (No, not the iced vo-vo slice on the cover...) Rosemary Stanton has a great juice recipe (yay!) and there are salads galore, delish fish recipes and a chicken poached in coconut milk that I am so going to try.

I'm skipping over the cake and dessert section. No need to torture myself. ;)



Katrina said...

I wish I was motivated enough for a detox!

Debstar said...

I only just watched that video Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about the Aussie guy who goes on a juice only diet for months. That takes true determination. I'm not sure I could even do 3 days.

Kek said...

I don't see myself juicing onions like in the doco.... But I'm enjoying my juices, veggies and soup. Pomegranate, cherry, pear and lime today. :)

Sara said...

Go you! It's nice to get a motivating scale drop ;)

Sandra said...

I finally got my juicer yesterday so it's day 1 for me. My last supper of choice was pizza, so I was thirsty all night...not feeling too crash hot, which is odd as I went cold turkey on sugar once before and felt nothing...thanks for sharing your plan. I had a silverbeet and capsicum omelette for lunch and if I'm too hungry this afternoon may have a protein shake too...brisk walk is as much movement as I'll get. Well done, and I love your tea cup :)

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