Friday, January 04, 2013

Detox - Day 3

I was expecting to experience withdrawal symptoms today, but ...SURPRISE! They snuck up on me a day early. Yesterday afternoon was hell, with a massive headache, mild nausea, irritability and lethargy. Yeah, fun times. Good thing I'd planned to do nothing.

I dragged myself out for a walk around 8:15pm, just before sunset. I didn't really feel at all like it, but turns out it was worth it....

Sorry fellas, didn't mean to startle you.

No clouds, so not a spectacular sunset, but still worth a shot.

Golden light on the river redgums - pretty.

I was concerned that today would be even worse on the withdrawal front, but I've woken this morning feeling reasonably OK. I even slept pretty well, after resorting to a couple of Panadol before bed.

One more day to get through, and then my 30 day challenge starts. No wheat, no sugar, no alcohol, no artificial anything for a month. Apart from missing my treat meals (which are always chocolate, pudding or cake. Duh, of course), it shouldn't be too difficult.

Stay tuned.



Kathryn said...

Can you have sugar free chocolate?

Kek said...

What would be the point of THAT, Kathryn? :p

Sara said...

Hang in there! It's only 3 days and you'll be glad you did it. :D

Kek said...

I'm already glad...and my creative cooking urges have been stirred in the quest for wheat-free bread. Gonna be baking tomorrow!

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