Monday, January 07, 2013

Pancakes and Pi

No, not P.I.E. Sorry if I got your hopes up. Hehe.

It's forecast to be pretty hot today, so we're off to the movies to see Ang Lee's Life of Pi. Both Bike Boy and I loved the book, and we've been busting to see the film ever since we heard it was coming out.

Boy, I love being on holidays. :)

One of the great things about my 30 day no-processed-food adventure is that I'm forced to be a bit creative with my meals. Of course, sometimes it's easy to just chuck whatever's in the fridge into a bowl and call it lunch:

Yummy goodness!
Thank goodness my fridge usually has some sensational stuff in it. This lot consisted of leftover cooked salmon (quickly nuked to heat it up), baby spinach, alfalfa, assorted coloured cherry tomatoes, avocado and a single baby bocconcini, sliced up. I dribbled some extra-virgin olive oil over the top, squeezed in half a lemon, sprinkled Murray River salt flakes and ground some black pepper over and it was ready in about five minutes flat.

But sometimes you need to go to a little more effort. This morning I sat and drank my coffee and pondered what I should have for breakfast. Life's big questions, you know. Eggs or fruit and yoghurt? Hmm. I couldn't decide. Eventually though, I got off my lazy butt and foraged in the pantry and within about fifteen minutes, I'd created these delish delights:

Coconut protein pancakes. Yum!
While my pancakes were cooking, I quickly scribbled down the ingredients and quantities. I have a bad habit of forgetting what went into my creations. These were excellent, although...I used half coconut flour and half buckwheat flour. The buckwheat flavour was somewhat overpowering, so I wouldn't use it again. Rice flour or some other bland-tasting type would be better.

I'd also eaten all of the bananas and mangoes (piggy!), so had to settle for fresh apricots with these today. Not my ideal choice, but still good.

I shall blog the recipe later. Right now, I'm getting organised to go sit in air conditioned comfort with my 3D glasses on and enjoy the movie.



Gillian said...

What did you think of the movie? I had a couple of teary moments and left the theatre feeling sad. I hated the ending.

Kek said...

Gillian, I loved it! Yes, there were some parts where my eyes welled up, and I guess it is a sad story overall...but the ending didn't disappoint me. But then, having read the book, I knew exactly what to expect.

Anonymous said...

Great idea with salad and pancakes..... I need to try those! Thank you for sharing:) Take care

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