Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The big screen - and the small one

This is a completely non-fitness and food-related post.  - Just a heads-up for those who aren't interested in anything else. ;o)

Yesterday we saw Life of Pi and it did not disappoint. The film managed to stay true to Yann Martell's Booker Prize-winning novel without stretching into a ridiculous three hour epic. The CGI and other special effects were mind-blowingly amazing. That tiger was so real, I felt as though I could have reached out and stroked his fur. If there's not an Oscar in it for that alone, I'll be very disappointed.

I can't really say much about the story without introducing spoilers, but I will say this: The movie has a PG classification for a reason. We were disturbed to see a number of family groups with young children in the four to ten age group file into the cinema. Seriously, parents? Don't you do a little research before picking a family-friendly film? There's no bad language and the violent scenes were shot without any unnecessary gore, but there are scenes that would be upsetting for kiddies. Hey, I shed quite a few tears, and I knew what was going to happen.

Anyway, don't miss this! Go see it, in 3D and on the big screen - but leave the kids at home, OK?

On the smaller screen, we've been ploughing through some excellent TV series and I thought I'd share a couple of new favourites. In case anyone's run out of stuff to watch, you know?

The Hour - brilliant series set in England during the Cold War, behind the scenes of a BBC investigative news program. It stars Dominic West (of The Wire fame) and Ben Whishaw, who is my new young man crush. I think he's just edged out Robert Sheehan...

The Killing - we've only seen one episode of this crime drama, but it is bloody awesome. Based on a Danish series, this American version is set in Seattle and stars nobody I've ever heard of before. Excellent acting, scripting and the rainy countryside is shot beautifully.

Sorry, no food photos today, I've been quite lazy. I am going to blog my coconut pancake recipe though, I promise. Just need to get around to it.



Miss Positive said...

Good to know re Life of Pi, sounds like a great movie! Theres a few good ones out at the moment, but we'll probably have to wait for the DVDs, kid-free nights are a rarity these days!

Sara said...

I want to see this one!

I've seen two movies lately that were good:
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (very good)
Killing Bono (offbeat Irish flick)

Going on a girl's night to see The Quartet on Saturday. Looking forward to that.

Hilary, can't you just lock them in a soundproof room?

Kathryn said...

I think people just take kids to these movies because they are too cheap to get a babysitter. I won't go to Northland cinema any more because people let their young kids run amuck.

Kek said...

Sara, I second Killing Bono as a top flick. Saw it a couple of weeks ago, loved it!

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