Thursday, February 28, 2013

Holding it in

This morning I find myself fighting the urge to whine - about everything. I'm cranky as hell.

I got up at the usual (stupid) time, loaded a Spinervals DVD into my laptop drive and climbed on the spin bike. It was one of those days where I immediately started doing battle with the negative voice in my head.

After fifteen minutes of struggling to get any kind of speed happening, even at low resistance, I realised that my legs honestly did not have the juice to give my workout a decent bash, so I climbed off and went and made breakfast instead. Commence sulking...

Of course, sulking never gets you anywhere, so eventually I shushed my inner toddler and thought about what was going on. My weight was up a fraction this morning with no obvious explanation...I'm irritable...have no physical energy...feel generally blah....and all I want to do is crawl back into bed. Hmm, what could be the problem?

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Light bulb moment... trying to train with intensity for seven to nine hours a week when you're only averaging five or six hours' sleep a night is not all that smart. *sigh*

I immediately declared today a rest day from training and by hook or by crook, I WILL manage eight hours of shut-eye tonight. Meanwhile, I'll zip my lip, keep my head down and try not to speak to a soul at the office today. I'm also avoiding Twitter, apart from the single tweet below. If anyone annoys me, it could get a bit ugly.

Hands up who else is cranky today?



Liz N said...

Sleep deprivation isn't fun, particularly if a rest day is in order! My legs were telling me not to train them...plan b - more upper body stuff xx

Kek said...

I realised some extra carbs were in order as well. A lovely, goo-filled, small chocolate cake from the bakery this morning had a positive effect on my mood too. I was in super-speed work mode this arvo...cannot believe how much I got done! :)

Pip said...

Haha Kek! I was in holiday mode the last 2 nights. I realised my poor running form on the trails after night 1 was prob due to the fact......1 bottle of wine enjoyed the night previously socially! However I did get off to a late start that next day and covered a slow 8.4k trail run, then coffee and brekkie and a 25k mountain bike run, then lunch, a couple of hours study, shower, tea, (just water).....then a 10k walk in new areas of town! I thought I SHOULD have slept well last night.......but awoke 2.5hrs after falling asleep, then struggled rest of night. I did get myself used to about 5 hours sleep a night....awoken by alarm then and these days feel real privileged when I get abover 6 hours a night.

Debbish said...

I had a really bad day yesterday and a huge meltdown. I spent much of the afternoon (when trying to work out why I shouldn't drive my car into something big and not-moving) trying to work rationalise what was going wrong and why it was getting to me so much!

Love your attitude.

Kek said...

Deb, I hope your day today is better. x

Pip, you put me to shame with your exercise efforts, especially on very little sleep. :)

Sara said...

Just surrender to a few days of stretching and lifting little pink dumbbells. ;) Sometimes a bit of yoga is all we need. X

and a bit of chocolate.

Kek said...

Oh, I had the chocolate yesterday, don't you worry... :)

Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

I was cranky yesterday. I'm so unfit at the moment that every time I exercise I get very bad neck pain the next day. I did Pilates on Wednesday and yesterday I was nearly paralysed with intense pain in my neck and right shoulder (still I'm doing as I type, to be honest!). I don't feel any pain while I exercise, I warm up and stretch afterwards. What's wrong with me? Pain in the neck always makes me cranky! (pun intended!).

Kek said...

Cyndie, neck pain is really horrible, you just can't get comfortable no matter what. You probably should get it checked out - there might be some little thing that needs adjusting. Or maybe it's a postural thing; the way you do certain exercises might be causing or aggravating the problem? Worth talking to your Pilates instructor about anyway.

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