Friday, February 08, 2013

The drama llama pays a visit

I find it difficult to motivate myself to do cardio on a good day. Unless it's a bike ride of course, in which case that's just plain fun. Anything else? Meh.

So when I woke up (late) this morning after a horrendous night of interrupted sleep, with severe pain down my right shoulder blade, I was secretly glad that I couldn't get on the spin bike. Not only did I not have enough time before the school run, there was no way I could endure more than a couple of minutes on the bike with my shoulder in that state.

My excuses were pretty well water-tight. Never mind that Bike Boy is home today and offered to drive the kid to school, I was in full-blown martyr mode. *Grump* I'm tired. *Grump* I overslept. *Grump*  This pain SUCKS. *Grump* I've broken a nail right through about halfway down (under my fake acrylic nails) which is mighty painful and I need the damn things removed, stat. *Grump* I have to pick up my new reading glasses, get to a podiatrist appointment, attend a meeting at the school and in between do my washing and get over to my mum's place to help her out, as she has her arm in a sling following surgery a couple of weeks ago. *Grump* I have soooo much to doooo today, I'll never fit it all in...poor, poor me.

On top of all that, the coffee machine decided to be contrary and it took me twenty minutes of fiddling to get my first long black out of it, which only added to my lovely mood. You really wouldn't have wanted to be here at 7:00am, trust me.

I drove The Baby to school, called at the shops to grab some things I needed, then checked the time and it was only 8:30. My shoulder had stopped hurting, the nail salon wasn't even open for another half hour and my two coffees had started working. Grumpy Kek started to quieten down and the voice of reason kicked in. I realised that that bloody drama llama had followed me home again - the nails could wait till this afternoon or even tomorrow morning; I didn't have to be at the podiatrist until 11:00 and would then have plenty of time to pick up my glasses before launching into the million other things on my list.

I headed home, broke my rule and had a third coffee (tsk!), got changed and jumped on the bike. 30 minutes later, cardio was done and I had time to hang out the washing and tackle my email before heading out on my long list of errands.

Sometimes you just need to take a breath, step back and ask yourself: are things really as bad as they seem, or are you making something out of nothing much?

Does the drama llama ever drop in on anyone else, or is it just me...?



Unknown said...

All the time!! It's usually when I'm tired and grumpy when the diva starts to come out. Afterward I can never figure out what the drama was actually about.

Kathryn said...

I feel your pain with the coffee machine. Our milk jug wouldn't work and I had to heat the milk manually yesterday. And yes, it is a big deal!

Pip said...

Ahh, yes Kek! There are sure days I feel like being a right 'diva' haha! Infact I sort of had a whinge on my blog today, (but like you there is a bit of a moral to my whinge)....and my whinge was self inflicted so I don't want to go and drag anyone else's day down with it haha!

Unknown said...

Oh- all the time! I just give in and start again the next day! lol. I don't beat myself up about it but nor do I do the 'diva thing' two days in a row. I'm mightily impressed that you got back on that bike- I would have given up for the day!!!

Liz N said...

I love this post - drama llama - might have to borrow that one. Seriously, I'm being a drama llama over a few random photos...

Kek said...

I had a drama llama moment yesterday over some photos too, Liz... ;)

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