Friday, April 19, 2013

How to make your wife feel better 101

I've had a very tedious week. Nothing seriously went wrong, it was just a run of days with a series of irritating and/or stressful events and somewhere along the way, I lost my smile.

On Wednesday things were at their worst. I was sleep-deprived, had a persistently achey lower back and grumbling gut pain that just would not quit. My day at work had been mildly horrible and then my drive home was rather worse than usual, with apparently suicidal drivers pulling out from side streets in front of me and road works or traffic jams on every street I tried.

That trip culminated in an attempt to refill my fuel tank, which really shouldn't be that hard. But when you drive a diesel-powered car, there's usually only one pump dispensing the precious liquid, and you can bet that someone will be using it to fill up with spite of there being seven other pumps not in use at the time. *sigh* I don't have a lot of choices of petrol stations on my way home, but given that I had an 18c per litre supermarket discount docket, I bypassed a few, made a slight detour and headed for one quite near home.

I pulled up behind a guy who OF COURSE was filling up with unleaded and waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually, he drove off and I moved forward to find that the freaking pump was out of order. O_o And by that time, the only working diesel hose on the other side of the bowser (on the wrong side for my fuel tank) was in use, so even if I could have manoeuvred the car between the pumps and other cars to get to it, I'd have to wait yet again.

So I left, which meant having to make a U-turn on the main road to get to the only other petrol station between there and home, and then repeat that performance once I was done. Needless to say, by the time I got home I was a little cranky...

Later that night, I was grumbling to Bike Boy about how crappy I felt. Bad day, shocker of a drive home, exhausted, the fuel fiasco, sore back, upset gut, blah, blah. He just looked at me, smiled and said "But you're pretty and you have nice hair".

Sometimes he knows just the right thing to say.


I'm still practising gratitude, by the way. This week in particular, I've made myself pause a number of times, take a deep breath and then count my arms and legs. In light of recent world events, I figure if I get to four, I'm not really having such a bad day.



MTB Girl said...

Gotta love a well timed compliment from your husband :)

We here in Adelaide also believe that this is a crap week, and are keen for it to be over.

Kek said...

Hear, Hear, Amanda! Shocker of a week, glad mine's over already. :)

Magda said...

Are the stars or planets out of alignment coz my week's been sh*t too. Only, when I have a big whinge about it to Peter he's too afraid to comment in case he gets his head bitten off LOL. Love your reason for expressing gratitude! Priceless!

xx m

Sara said...

That's right! **slap** Be grateful! :D Life is awesome.xx

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