Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Around the traps: Foodie edition

Whilst I'm having an enforced break from the internet and all things screen-based, I thought I'd add a filler post share some new(ish) food products I've tried recently and liked that might interest some of you.

1. First up is a new favourite: Pana raw chocolate. I'd never seen this before - I have eaten raw chocolate in the past and I love it, but sadly, it's difficult to find around my neighbourhood. I've usually had to buy it online. Bike Boy spotted this in a city convenience store and brought some home for me and I put it aside for a few days, breaking it out for a bit of a treat at the end of a long week. (I've since discovered that Pana chocolate is available from most IGA and Foodworks supermarkets around Melbourne)

It is FABULOUS. The taste and texture are as good as I expected - if you've never had raw chocolate, it's kind of hard to describe, but it's incredibly rich, full flavoured and has a lovely soft, slightly crumbly and yet creamy texture. A small amount is really very satisfying - and the blocks are only 45g anyway, so over-indulging is not all that likely.

All of Pana's products are organic and made from only real food ingredients, so no nasty additives or chemicals. Which is just how I like my food - made of food.

Yummy awsomeness!

2. A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to try belVita breakfast biscuits for a blog review. But I passed, as I didn't think they sounded like the kind of thing I'd be keen on. I mean, biscuits? For breakfast? Come on...

Then I read a review of the product over at The Scoop on Nutrition.... and Emma gave them the thumbs-up. Now, I've met Emma and she strikes me as someone who knows her nutrition stuff - which she ought to be, since she's an Accredited Practicing Dietician. So I tweeted her and asked a couple of questions, and her answers prompted me to go out and buy a pack so I could make an informed judgement.

For more info, go read the article I've linked to above on Emma's site, but basically, my opinion in dot-point form is this:

- There are many worse breakfast options out there.
- They taste good
- They're high in fibre
- They're conveniently packed in single serving sizes, so you're less likely to overeat them.
- They're great for those who might not eat breakfast otherwise.

I have a fussy teenager who often tries to skip breakfast - these are perfect for him. He takes them in the car (usually along with an Up & Go drink) and can eat them on the way to school, or worst case scenario, he can have them a bit later when he feels hungry. Bike Boy also finds them good as one of his snacks when he's out on the road bike - a pack fits nicely in his jersey pocket without making a mess and provides much-needed carbohydrate for refuelling on the road.

Bottom line: they're worth a try.

"Better than no breakfast at all" I should work for Kraft, writing their advertising slogans.

3. And last but not least, an oldie as new things go, which I took a while to catch onto: Chobani yoghurt. The reason I missed these when they were first launched here is that I shop at Coles and in the beginning, only Woolworths stocked this brand. Now both of the supermarket behemoths sell them, so it's never a problem finding it.

There are two things I love about this product: 1) the high level of protein; and 2) the fact that it contains nothing but milk and live cultures. The unflavoured one, anyway.

The Greek 0% variety that I usually buy has the following profile per 170g tub:

Calories  102
Protein  17.4g
Carbs 7.1g
Fat 0g

That's pretty impressive.

There are some yummy flavours too, but those contain other ingredients - notably fruit - so of course the nutrition stats are a bit different. The plain Greek is my go-to these days, and I can always add my own fresh fruit. I also love that the range comes in single serving-sized containers. Oops, that's three things I love about it.
Creamy pots of proteiny goodness.

What new food products have you discovered recently?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the products I've reviewed here with my own funds. Except the husband bought me that, bless his heart. 

I'm participating in screen-free week, so I'm not really here (shh...). All of my posts this week have been written in advance and set to publish each day for your information and entertainment. ;o)

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LeeLee said...

Loove that Chobani Greek 0% Yoghurt and I'll be going past an IGA today so that choc is on the list. Looks and sounds delish!

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