Friday, May 17, 2013

Food Revolution Day - Part 2

Food Revolution Day went - well, pretty much a lot like every other day in our house. Apart from the bit where I got off my butt and drove up the road to buy some local produce, which I blogged about earlier today. I flicked through our cook books and searched online and eventually chose to make two Jamie Oliver recipes to create a two-course dinner.

First up was his superb squash soup, which really was superb, and easy to make (Tip: If you use a food processor to chop the veggies, it's even easier).

The base: celery, carrot, onion, garlic - plus herbs from the garden

This recipe used the pumpkin I bought (or squash, if you're from anywhere in the world but Australia, apparently), plus fresh rosemary and sage from our herb planters and a few staples out of the fridge. I also used our home made chicken stock, instead of stock cubes, as we always have a supply in the freezer.

These plants have gone nuts. Anyone need some fresh herbs?
For once, I made no substitutions to the original recipe, although I didn't make the croutons, because: bread. I did, however, add some sliced pre-cooked chicken breast to my bowl to satisfy my protein needs. The flavour was magnificent, with just the right amount of kick from the chilli. And the fried sage leaves crumbled on top added a lovely finishing touch.

The finished product: superb! (No croutons, though)
To use some of my lovely apples and pears plus the raspberries, I decided to go for one of my old stand-bys and make a fruit crumble for dessert. I chose Jamie's apple crumble recipe as a starting point, using half apples and half pears and tossing in the raspberries once the other fruit was cooked. I really liked this recipe, which had oats in the crumble topping - although this time I did make some tweaks. 

I had no wholemeal plain flour, so used wholemeal spelt flour instead. And I swapped the caster sugar for some rapadura sugar, just because. I could have used coconut oil or coconut butter instead of the butter, and might do that next time. Some shredded coconut in the topping would be nice as well.

Sweet, sweet deliciousness!

The verdict? Easy, delicious and hearty. These two courses could just about make up one of Jamie's famous 30 Minute Meals, they were so quick to whip up.

Food Revolution Day wasn't a stretch for me, to be honest - we cook our meals from scratch 90% of the time anyway. But it did make me think about where my ingredients came from, and how to source more food locally. 

I know I'm lucky to have a fruit orchard nearby, and we have a number of farms selling fresh eggs too. It's only a short drive to Donnybrook Cheese, where I can buy cheese, yoghurt, cream and butter that's as fresh as you can possibly get. Their hot ricotta is a creamy dream come true. Mmm... And we have a few farmers markets that may be small, but offer quality products (like this one at Hurstbridge). I just need to be organised and make an effort to get to these places more often.

Really, these were super-easy dishes to make - you can't use the excuse that cooking is too difficult or takes too long with these two.

Did anyone else join in Food Revolution Day? Leave me a comment - and a link if you have one - and let me know. And you can check out what other people got up to if you scoot over to Emma's blog and scroll down to the comments. 



Lisa said...


Kek said...

Ha! Funny, Lisa...

Debbish said...

I'm such a slack cook - just chopping up ingredients does my head in, so I envy you that enthusiasm. (I buy frozen veges!)

I'm hoping that I can start looking forward to soup now that winter's coming. I'm such a carb freak though that I'd need SOMETHING with it!

(It does look yummy in your pic though!)


Kek said...

Well, I quite enjoy the process of chopping, sauteing etc, but there's nothing wrong with frozen veggies, Deb. I use them quite a bit to supplement my fresh supplies - I always have some of those individual Steamfresh pouches, as well as bags of peas and beans in our freezer.

Chopping a large quantity of veg can be tedious though - which is why I love my food processor!

Debstar said...

God no, that would require me having to cook something that looks edible.

Kek said...

Come on, Deb...surly you could have conned one of your girls into doing the cooking, and then invited yourself over?

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