Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day... and a race report

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums, grandmas, aunties, godmothers and anyone else who has anything to do with bringing up kids. You're all awesome and should receive chocolate for your efforts.

I don't know what Mothers Day is like in your house, but here's how my morning went, in pictures:

Up early in time to catch this spectacular sunrise from the front porch

Some gorgeous flowers from my eldest. The others were still snoozing.

My reason for being up so frighteningly early. Lovely Jose, I miss you.

Waiting for the starter's siren
Number One Son. I don't think he was fully awake. Scary, since he drove us there. ;) I was thrilled to have him  with me.
There was pink everywhere - also some fab and fun costumes.
These ladies were good sports; happy to pose for a photo.
The Anderson St hill is a killer! These girls cheering us on were exactly what was
needed. Other signs read "We love men in tights" and "Tight butts drive us nuts". Hehe.
More costumes. Fairies can run pretty fast, you know.
Just past the finish line. The number of participants was crazy - this doesn't even begin to show what it was like.
Keeping it real. No makeup, no carefully arranged expression, windblown
hair, flushed face... I may not look pretty, but I DO look like I just ran 4kms.

I didn't hit a PB; but that's OK because I wasn't even aiming for one. My goal was simply to finish and preferably to run the whole thing. That bloody hill got the better of me (mainly because I started out a bit over-enthusiastically. Oops) and I had to walk about 50m in the middle of it. But I'm happy with my effort anyway, finishing in 26:47 - that's a 6.6km pace, which may not be fast, but will do for a start. It's been a long time between runs.

Coffee was drunk post-race, then we headed home. I'm going out for lunch shortly with my mum and my sisters, and then it's a family dinner at home when the younger boys have finished work.

Whatever you're getting up to, I hope you have a great day. :)



Sara said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Kek! Also, Son#1 looks buff! You can tell him an old lady said he looks buff... I'm sure that will totally make his day. ;)

Maryanne said...

Well done Kek! Great run. I bet the atmosphere was great. Great to see you had one of your sons with you!!!! Happy mothers day!

Kek said...

Sara, I'll be sure to tell him. He IS looking buff...lots of hard work and discipline going on there. Happy Mothers Day to you too, luv. You're a wonderful aunty and that makes you an honorary mum. x

Thanks, Maryanne. Well done to you too - We had 40,000 participate in Melbourne. I bet your event was just as enthusiastic, even if it was quite a bit smaller. :)

Magda said...

I love the look on Number One Son's face. It says "Mum its enough I'm here, don't take my pic as well." You're so lucky he was up for doing the run with you though.


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