Saturday, May 18, 2013

How not to cook

This post is brought to you by my own stupidity.

Yesterday's Food Revolution Day posts showcased a couple of easy Jamie Oliver recipes, some local produce and featured me telling you how easy it all was. I did leave something out though ....I'm not known for my grace and poise, and true to form, in the course of providing those recipes and photos for your reading (and hopefully cooking) pleasure, I sustained a nasty burn to my arm.

I may have been cooking for forty years, but I'm still a bit prone to grating my fingers, slicing bits off my nails and dropping sharp kitchen implements perilously close to my bare feet. I generally manage not to injure myself too badly, up till last night, anyway.

I can't even recall what actually happened, but somehow, as I took the cooked fruit crumble out of the oven and went to set it on the stove top, the dish slipped. Instinct took over - I could visualise the heavy Corningware dish hitting the glass of the open oven door (yikes!) and/or hot food splattering all over the kitchen and ME and I just leaned in and quickly grabbed at it. Unfortunately, I was in the wrong position to grab it with my oven mitt-clad hands, and instead, managed to catch it between my body (luckily, I was wearing several layers of clothing), the stove front....and my bare right forearm.

I'll give you some free advice:

1. Don't do this.

2. If you ignore my first piece of advice, run the burn under cold water for a LONG time and then go get some Solosite gel and a clear film dressing from your local pharmacy.

Encased in shiny plastic and a bit crusty round the edges today, but otherwise OK. I realised
this morning that the green criss-crossy bit was supposed to have been peeled off. Stupid #2.

The gel killed most of the pain and the film kept my clothes from rubbing against the blister. I slept like a log and it looks pretty good this morning.

Please make me feel better by leaving a comment telling me all about your kitchen injuries, would you?



Kathryn said...

I sliced the end off my finger while cooking Christmas lunch and then decided the best thing to do was keep drinking champagne until the pain stopped!

Kek said...

Ouch, Kathryn! But I like your style. Champagne makes everything better, right? :)

Debstar said...

I hardly need any tips on how not to cook. And, yep I've burnt myself and I've done a good job on chopping a decent size piece of skin off my finger. It was numb for about 6 weeks. Come to think of it I've even brained myself on the rangehood.

Kek said...

Thanks for helping me feel slightly less stupid, Deb. Uh, I've done that rangehood thing too. Ouch.

Unknown said...

Luckily I'm too short to hit my head on the rangehood but I've had plenty of burns and cuts. My toffee burn would have had to have been my worst though ... lesson learnt with that one!

Kek said...

Toffee burn? Ouch, Michelle!

Pip said...

Ouch Kek!!!!!

My 2 major silly ones: no 1, while trying to go fast, eve'sdrop on a conversation, satisfy a customer fast with a long customer line behind me, - I was pouring a takeaway cup of piping hot pumpkin soup to a customer at work once with a ladel. I got it on my hand, quickly wiped hand and smiled and gave customer another cup! Embarrassing and painful! Couldn't wait to run cold water over it after customers left, it blistered up and was sore for a couple of weeks. Another, I was cleaning sharp metal areas in a humidifying oven with a too thin cloth, too fast! I hurt that some area badly/hand and metal friction!

Sara said...

Ohhhhh, ouchies. Big kiss.

My worst injury was reaching into the oven and somehow connecting most of the forearm with the red hot bars (it was on grill). I still have a scar.. It hurt muchly. You have my sympathies.

Kek said...

Oh, I feel SO much better now. Not that I'm enjoying everyone's pain, but I feel like less of a klutz. :)

Pip - my boys have all worked in jobs that involve food prep and have had numerous cuts and burns between them. Blue band-aids have made a regular appearance in our house for quite a while. I guess it's just an occupational hazard.

Sara - YEOW! That beats any of my burns, for sure. We shall compare scars next time we meet. :)

Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

Sorry to hear about your injury Kerryn, I hope you get better soon.

Kek said...

Thanks, Cyndie - I'll live. It's a bit uncomfortable but I bet I don't do it again. ;)

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