Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We slid straight back into our normal routine here at Chez Kek, after our blissful, decadent mini getaway last weekend. And somehow it's already Wednesday - I have no idea how that happened.

I do try not to wish the days away, but honestly? At this time of year, weekdays are a drag. So I spend my time thinking about the coming weekend and what I might indulge in.

Of course there's likely to be a bit of mountain biking and/or walking around here:

To add to this week's usual commitments, I somehow managed to volunteer to take part in a challenge. Hmm, maybe that's it...the word "challenge" to me is like a red rag to a bull... So I'll be adding a little extra activity to my week, in the form of 1,000 bodyweight squats before next Tuesday's RPM class.

I've got off to a slightly late start, thanks to a mad day yesterday. But I banged out a hundred this morning after my cardio session and plan to get three hundred under my belt by the time I fall into bed tonight.

Anyone care to join me?


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