Monday, May 06, 2013

Screen-free week - recap

Phew! It's good to be back. Screen-free week was a bit tough. No TV, I can cope with - but no social media, no constant Googling for vital information trivial crap, no checking out eBay for bargains.... seriously, I felt like I'd lost a limb or something.

There were some good things about spending less time staring at an electronic screen though. For a start, as expected, my house is tidier and cleaner than usual. I've ripped through some books as well - usually I get to read a couple of pages in bed before my eyes close...  Plus, getting some extra exercise time in of an evening was no drama. Apart from that, there were some highlights:

Bike Boy discovered that the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was playing at Hamer Hall on Thursday night, and managed to get us "rush" A-reserve tickets at a teeny-tiny $40, instead of the full price of $120. So we had front-row dress circle seats for a simply outstanding performance of Berlioz, Mozart and Richard Strauss. The Strauss piece was Thus Spake Zarathustra. If you don't think you know it, click on the link and play the audio under the photo of conductor Sir Andrew Davis - I absolutely guarantee you will know the first movement.

Amazing doesn't begin to describe it. It's been way too long since we attended a live classical music performance; we'll definitely be doing it again (especially now that we know about the super-cheap tix!).

Great seats!

I also had plenty of time for kitchen experiments. Inspired by some FB posts last week from Raina, I had a go at making nut milk from cashews. SO easy, and so, so good! I have a lovely big bottle in the fridge now, and it's making a daily appearance in my porridge this week. I've also got some more coconut yoghurt on the go; this time, from my home-made coconut milk. The weather's turned decidedly chilly, so I'm not sure how that's going to go, but time will tell. As well, I quickly churned out a batch of delicious low-carb coconut-cashew bars, thanks to a recipe from Healthy Helpings. Yum! High-fat, high protein, low carb - just what I needed.

On the weekend, I got frustrated at not being able to find a knitted wool scarf in just the right shade of dark grey that isn't frilly, tasselled or glittery. Well, I actually found some, but I'm not paying $70 for a scarf. So I ran the gauntlet of Sunday morning shoppers at Spotlight, picked up some wool/alpaca yarn and am busily knitting one that will be just right. I think the last time I picked up knitting needles was to make baby clothes for one of my offspring. That's a while ago...

All-up, it was an interesting experience, but I'm happy to be back. I expect it will take me the rest of the week to catch up on blog reading. Forgive me if I don't comment; time may be a little short. :)



Unknown said...

Great to have you back :-)

Kek said...

Thanks Mish! :)

Debbish said...

Not sure what I'd do at night. I'm usually 'off' social media at night - other than for planned Twitter chats or quick check-ins before bed... but no TV would kill me. I do sometimes read anyway and allocate a book or two each week, but - living alone - TV is something I LOVE!

You did well not to pine too much last week!

Kek said...

Yeah, I think it's harder for people who live alone, Deb. There's usually someone here to talk to if I'm so inclined, so not really an issue for me. When I am alone though, I often like the TV as "company" of a sort, so I get your point.

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