Thursday, May 02, 2013

Wardrobe update

If you've been a reader of this here blog for a while, you might remember that about twelve months ago, I had a personal stylist come and give my wardrobe a complete makeover. It was fun, enlightening and I finally figured out what my style is.

Since then, I have aimed to follow Meaghan's advice when buying anything new - and I'd say I've succeeded 90% of the time. There have been a couple of impulse buys that were returned the very next day...lesson learned: always, always try things on before committing to the purchase.

Over recent weeks though, I'd begun to have wardrobe crises again on a regular basis. Not because I had nothing appropriate to wear, but because suddenly many of my clothes were just too big. One morning Bike Boy watched me, highly amused, as I got ready for work and changed clothes no less than four times because a key piece of each of the outfits I'd chosen was bagging at the bum, falling off my hips or hanging from my shoulders like a damn tent.

So I've bitten the bullet and made a start on culling my collection once more. There's no point having precious wardrobe space taken up with things you can't or don't wear. Unless you've actually done it, you have no idea how tedious and tiring it is trying on every single thing that you own to decide if it stays or goes. The best thing though, was trying on several things that I'd packed away some time ago because they were too small and finding that they now fit perfectly. My favourite ever size 8 black pants are back in use!

So far, I've filled two large garbage bags with items for charity and I have a pile of quality stuff to sell on eBay as well. There are a few things that I really love - or that I'm simply not prepared to splurge on replacing at the moment - so those are in a separate pile for alteration. My plan is to do most of the work myself, but I foresee one or two pieces being handed over to the professionals. I don't mind taking in seams and darts, but if I have to remove waistbands or fiddle around with lining, forget it.

I've hung what's left back in the wardrobe as Meaghan showed me - tops in one section, bottoms in another (dresses and coats have their own spot), and each section organised by colour so I can easily see what's there or find exactly the piece I want in a flash.

I've also done a little shopping to add a few new bits and pieces. I had to buy new bras - my old ones had space for an extra set of boobs. :( That's always an expensive exercise, but thankfully I have a factory outlet nearby, so I saved a small fortune on three Simone Perele bras. I also picked up some opaque tights, a red knit scarf, a new tan leather bag and a couple of other accessories.

Then I turned my attention to the main event. A purple Veronika Maine top from DJ's, a beautiful navy pencil skirt from Table Eight, a discounted Tommy Hilfiger pale blue shirt and a Sportscraft striped merino wool top from Myer added a few staples.

Bike Boy made Marcel Marceau jokes about this, but I don't care; I love it. It's a perfect layering piece.

Cobalt is one of the season's trends, so I've picked up a top and a cardigan in that brilliant blue shade. I almost bought a lovely peplum dress too, but there were no size 10s left, and whilst I could get into the 8, let's just say that breathing was optional...
On-trend colour (lace is big this season, too), and perfect for chillier autumn days. From Review.

It's a work in progress. I have a short list of essentials that I still need to add to make my collection work better, but I'll do that gradually as sales crop up. I hate to pay full price for anything.

I still have to tackle my sports wear - that's three large drawers and five small ones, literally overflowing with yoga pants, tanks, tees, hoodies, crop tops, shorts, cycling and compression gear. I know there are things in there that I haven't even SEEN for years, so it's way past time to clear some out. And then there are the shoes... O_O

Do you regularly go through your clothes and get rid of things that don't fit, don't work or that you just don't wear? Can you confidently throw together an outfit that you know will work in just a couple of minutes, or is every day a potential wardrobe meltdown?


I'm participating in screen-free week, so I'm not really here (shh...). All of my posts this week have been written in advance and set to publish each day for your information and entertainment. ;o)


Pip said...

Well, - You sound to have the opposite of the current wardrobe problem I have! I'm not whingeing, (just saying), lol! Early-mid 2011 I had all my decent 14s and 16s in bags, (to give to charity) and I turfed the rest! I had infact reached an average size 10, (62kg at lowest and prob my near my peak fitness for many years) and I was so confident I'd stay there! I couldn't believe size 12's, (my usual 70ish kg slim clothes) swam off me then! Well, - guess I need to be glad I didn't throw away the decent 14-16s.......and I even allowed them to get to the stage they were too firm fitting. Just lets say I have very limited wardrobe options right now! And looking at my size 10's jeans and dresses etc, - I think 'WOW', can't believe I fitted them comfortably!

Kek said...

I've been in that situation before, Pip, so I know how it feels. :/ Perhaps now you're settled, you'll be able to chip away steadily at the unwanted excess baggage.

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