Saturday, June 15, 2013

A poor excuse for a Saturday post

Today I'm breaking from my usual Saturday routine and will not be taking the mountain bike out for a spin. That's partly due to the almost constant deluges that we've been subjected to for more than a week now - the ground is so mushy it's just ridiculous, and our favourite paths are sure to be flooded in several places.

But it's also because I have a busy schedule this morning. I have to go get that cholesterol test I've been banging on about. That's annoying because: a) it's disrupting my routine; and b) I have to delay breakfast because it's a FASTING test. You might notice that "fast" is a four-letter word. Hmm?

So there will be no bike ride - I'll get a different kind of workout in after my late brekkie though, never fear. But no bike ride means no photos.... or does it?

Luckily (or unluckily?) for you, I happen to have a heap of pics from last Sunday's walk, so you don't have to miss out today. I wouldn't want you to feel deprived.

Chestnut teal - such pretty markings

Mrs Swan. How do I know she's a lady? She's the bigger of the pair who live on the billabong.

Nankeen kestrel - apparently wondering what on earth I'm looking at

Action shot

Coming in to land

Quick phone snap from a moving car on Monday night.
You gotta grab sunsets when they happen. :)


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