Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beating the winter blues

I'm having another one of "those" weeks where it seems impossible to achieve anything much at all. I get up stupidly early, train, pack my food for the day, run the gauntlet of Melbourne freeway traffic on my drive to the office, spend all day struggling to get any actual work done because ridiculous administrative tasks keep being dumped on me (or pointless meetings called at zero notice), run to the supermarket and/or chemist in my lunch break, spend another hour of hell getting home, get dinner over with, clean up, organise things for the next day's training and meals and then collapse onto the couch for maybe an hour before bed beckons. Aargh.

In summer it never seems as bad. There's daylight. And sunshine. And we can throw something on the BBQ and who cares if we don't eat till 8:00pm? I get to potter around in the garden or go for a walk in the morning or evening - or both if I feel like it. But everything seems like more of a grind in winter, with its short days, cold temperatures, rain and fog and ice.


I don't want to be beset by an attack of winter SAD though, which I am prone to. So it's even more important for me to eat well, exercise daily, take my Vitamin D supplements, get enough sleep and try not to allow stress to tip me over the edge. I also have to make an effort to schedule in fun activities, to counteract my natural tendency to hibernate. So as well as the usual bike rides and walks that I really do enjoy in spite of the cold, I'm planning a few other things too...

Music: I have tickets to one of Pink's concerts in a couple of weeks, so yay! I'm going with a friend and really looking forward to it, especially since I've missed every other tour she's done here.

Bike Boy and I also have tickets to see the Grigoryan Brothers perform, but that's not until September. They're a little different to Pink. ;o) If you're not familiar with them, they're brilliant classical guitarists, a couple of local boys from Melbourne who are internationally acclaimed. Bike Boy has followed them for years; we've seen them a number of times and they're always fabulous.

Art: We've already seen the Monet's Garden exhibition at NGV, but I'm thinking that the Australian Impressionists in France would be worth a look too. There's also the Hollywood Costume exhibition on at ACMI, and I'm off to see that one in August.

Food: I have a date coming up with my god-daughter for a posh afternoon tea at the Windsor to celebrate her birthday. That's always fun. Traditional, fancy-pants silver tiered stands full of tiny sandwiches, pastries and cakes, endless cups of tea (and possibly some bubbly) served on starched white linen in the grand dining room. What could be better?

I'm going to make an effort to go out for a meal at least once a month too. We tend to be boring old farts who stay at home in winter, but this year I plan to get out more. We have a great restaurant within walking distance that serves a Basque-influenced menu, so no excuse for not stepping out on a Friday or Saturday night for a warming meal that we don't have to prepare ourselves. Mmm, Pintxos and a glass of tempranillo...

I also have a long list of recipes I want to try, so that should keep me busy. I made these Snickers protein cookies from Chocolate Chilli Mango last night and they are GOOD.

You have to try these! Bike Boy loved them so much, he had two.
Plus, I'll be inventing some more recipes myself. I've already started with this orange & cranberry oatmeal bake, which was this morning's breakfast. I wasn't a hundred percent happy with my original effort at an orange porridge, but done as a bake, it's sensational. Give it a'll love it.

That's my combat winter plan. How about you? How do you get through the cold and dark days with your sanity intact?



Sara said...

Maybe some sheep's placenta would make you feel better about super cold mornings?

Kek said...

Mmm, I think I'll pass on that one. It wins the "most wacky" award for PR pitches so far though.

Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

Winter is definitely not my favourite season either, although most people tell me being from Europe I should be used to it! If I didn't have to go to work every day I would hibernate for a few months, for sure!

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