Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Discomfort - not always a bad thing

I've achieved a lot in the first half of this year and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Improved fitness, strength slowly increasing, the rehabbing of my injuries actually showing marked progress, some excess "fluff" removed. Of course there's still more work to do on the rehab, strength and fitness fronts, and I shall continue on with my efforts there.

It's dawned on me over the past week that I'm feeling a wee bit too comfortable with my training. Uh-oh. Suddenly I have the urge to do something new and different. And as usual, I don't really know precisely what it is I want to do. But rather than spend too much time thinking about it, which usually ends in me doing nothing, I'm going to set myself some small challenges to start with and see where those take me.

I don't want to take on anything huge, just some things that will stretch my mind and/or body a little and nudge me out of my comfort zone once more. So here's what I've come up with:

1. First up is a pretty easy one. Well, perhaps not easy in the execution, but easy in terms of the planning and organisation required. I've always intended to have a go at the 1,000 steps, which is part of the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk  in the Dandenongs, but have never managed to actually do it. It's a popular spot for fitness-inclined Melburnians to head to on weekends, but it's not exactly close to my part of town.

Today, a Facebook acquaintance threw out a general invitation to join her at "the steps" in a couple of weeks. My reply? Perfect timing; count me in. As long as there's hot coffee afterwards.

If I enjoy it, this might become a semi-regular event on my training calendar - especially once winter buggers off and the weather warms up. It's cool up in those hills.


2. My second challenge was precipitated by my need to renew my fitness professional registration in early September. I still have to earn some more CECs to meet the requirements, so I'm looking at some weekend hands-on training sessions to accrue those. First up: suspension training.

I've been dying to have a go at this for years, but there never seems to have been the right opportunity. So today, when I received an email about an upcoming course which is scheduled soon on a day when I happen to be free, it seemed like an omen. Sign me up!

That should spark up my own training a bit, as well as give me some new fun stuff to torture thrill my clients.


3. I have one more, but I'm working up to this one: Getting back on my road bike, on an actual road. A nice, quiet, early weekend morning would be good - and preferably when it's not pelting with rain. I'll consult with Bike Boy and discuss a timeframe to aim for and a route that doesn't pose too many difficulties for a cyclist who's terrified of traffic....

I don't really care if it doesn't happen for several months, as long as I come up with a plan to tackle it. It's something that's been bugging me for a long time and I have something to prove to myself.


I figure that lot should cause enough discomfort to shake things up for me and prevent any kind of boredom setting in for now. I'll add to my list as I think of new ideas. :)

When it comes to exercise, do you make an effort to push yourself out of your comfort zone every so often? How do you recognise when it's time?



Unknown said...

The 1,000 steps weren't all that close to me when I was living in Melbourne either. But I was always glad that I made the effort to get there once I was climbing them. I'd sometimes do them twice, just to get the best value out of my driving time. :)

Kek said...

Chris, I cannot believe I've never made the effort. My son's been over there a few times, but then he always goes out with his friends after, so I'm not exactly welcome... ;)

I need to start a bucket list and this can be crossed off first!

Cinders said...

Great exercise goals. My trainer loves torturing us with suspension training - I always ask him if the straps are going to hold my weight - the answer is always 'yes' unfortunately.

Kek said...

No excuses, Cinders... ;)

Vicki said...

Oh I love these challenges! I feel a bit aimless when I don't have something to work towards and I will admit to sometimes not even being sure what I want to do! Not sure how to overcome that one! PS .. TRX training love it! Can be a killer!!

Kek said...

I figure it's better to do anything than sit around wondering what I should do. I'm really looking forward to the suspension training. :)

AlleyCat Runs said...

Ditto Cinders - love the suspension stuff & I too look dubiously at the ropes/straps wondering if they'll break & make me face plant!! They are hard work though!

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