Saturday, June 08, 2013

Life, the universe and everything

Hmm. That post title is a bit up itself. I'm really just here to do a quick(ish) update of the past week and a bit. Here goes:

1. I successfully completed my squat challenge

I started with a bang  but did fall a bit behind last weekend. I had some work to do, in between dealing with the usual mountain of washing - with constant pelting rain for an added degree of difficulty in getting that lot dry. Plus we had guests for lunch on Sunday on top of all the normal weekend duties.

So when I looked at my tally spreadsheet after dinner on Sunday night (come on, you KNEW I'd have a spreadsheet) I'd only done 640 out of the required 1,000 squats. I was tired and still had a number of things to get through before bed, and doing squats was the last thing I felt like doing. But I'd committed to this thing and, with a deadline of 6:00am Tuesday, it was either knock over a few more or attempt to cram 360 in on Monday.

The tally as at bedtime on Sunday
So I tackled them in small bursts. One set, fold some washing. Another set, make Monday's lunch. One more while waiting for the kettle to boil. Finally, I fell into bed with only 100 to complete - which easily got taken care of on Monday night.


2. Winter sucks, but training must be done

The weather turned feral here last weekend with my neighbourhood copping a deluge of over 100mm in twenty-four hours. That was topped up with more pouring rain on Saturday night/Sunday morning and resulted in some minor flooding of the local creeks and rivers. Consequently, no MTB-ing happened - pedalling through thick mud and flooded paths in the pouring rain isn't my idea of a good time.

My spin bike made a good stand-in, and I even pulled out an old Amy Bento DVD to mix my cardio up a bit, so training got done in spite of the weather's best attempts to thwart me.

It dried up a bit Sunday afternoon and we took advantage of the sunny spell to drive Bike Boy's parents around to two of the local restored old farm homesteads and go for a wander around the gardens.

Autumn colour hasn't quite left us yet
I took my camera and snapped off a few shots - and was lucky enough to spot a black-shouldered kite hovering over some long grass, on the hunt for food.
The was something tasty down in that grass.
THIS weekend, luckily, the rain has finally cleared, so we headed out this morning for a one-hour ride. It was feckin' freezing, but a thermal long sleeved top under my jersey, some leg warmers and a pair of liner gloves under my normal cycling mitts, plus a wind-proof jacket kept the cold at bay.

The mud was thick in some places, so we were a bit restricted around where we could go - our tyres aren't the kind that handles thick, deep, gluggy mud.

The sun played hide-and-seek, but the views were still pretty.


3. I may be fit, but I loathe Coach Troy

I ran my Polar HRM fitness test a couple of weeks ago and I've been promoted from "Good" (last November) to "elite". That gave me the giggles. I'm pretty sure that the scale of calculations is weighted so that the older you get, the easier it is to achieve "elite" status. By the time I'm 60, I reckon I'll be superhuman. Anyway, I'm pleased to see proof of such good progress on the fitness front, however much it might be dumbed down for seniors.

As further proof (of fitness, or of insanity?), yesterday I did one of the Spinervals On The Road series - Workout A of the Tucson training rides. It was an hour and twenty minutes of hell. Practically the whole thing is an uphill climb and it gets progressively steeper. I have NO idea how I stayed on the bike right to the end (probably sheer stubbornness), but I did.

I called Coach Troy so many bad names, the air was turning blue. But I totally nailed that sucker. Go, me.


P.S. Stay tuned next week for some more regular blogging and some fun stuff. I have a giveaway starting Monday - and it involves CHOCOLATE. Plus I'm sharing the world's best breakfast recipe. Well, I like it. :)


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Debbish said...

I have to say it's nice not-working at the moment (well, except for the lack of money) as I don't have to worry about finding time to exercise around commitments (or have to get up early to exercise before work). It also means it's cool enough so that I can go for a walk at any time of the day.

So... I love winter!

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