Friday, June 14, 2013

Recipe alert - Orange & raspberry layered parfait

My Grandma used to make the best parfaits in the whole world. She had the correct tall-bodied, short-stemmed parfait glasses and the special long spoons so you could dig right to the bottom and scoff every last morsel of the fruity, creamy, delicious dessert. She also did a mean trifle and her boiled chocolate cake was legendary.

This morning's dessert-masquerading-as-breakfast was not only inspired by the Go Orange challenge, but was also something of an homage to my grandmother, who sadly left us thirty years ago this year. Her legacy to me included mad crochet skills (not one of her children or other grandchildren ever learned. Can you say "favourite grandchild?"), an addiction to complicated jigsaw puzzles and crosswords, her boiled chocolate cake recipe, the refusal to admit that anything is beyond me, and a complete lack of tolerance for bullshit.

So, as tribute to Elsie, I give you my orange raspberry layered parfait. Not quite the way she would have made it, but I think she'd have approved anyway.


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