Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super Saturday

Today has been jammed full of awesome.

I went for a bike ride. In winter. It may have been frosty, but the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous morning.

Ice, ice, baby...

Don't let that blue sky fool you. There was ice on the puddles and I was wearing four layers of clothing.

I did 12 pushups. On my knees sure, but that's 12 more than I could do a few months ago. Shoulder rehab might be slow, but it's working. My upper body strength WILL be back soonish.

I decided it was time for some photos to document my progress this year. If I'd had Supergirl undies, I'd have worn them on the outside. Alas, my LJ slogan tank had to suffice.


I ate choc-chip Belgian waffles with two kinds of ice cream. For lunch.

L: Connoisseur Murray River salted caramel. R: Maggie Beer burnt fig jam, honeycomb & caramel
And tonight, I get to sit and study these little beauties, to help us decide on our itinerary for next year's planned European holiday.
Travel planning, YAY!
How much better can my Saturday get?



Liz N said...

You are awesome and look fantastic :) Way to go!

Kek said...

Back at you, Liz! :D

Kathryn said...

Fantastic - and they have Wonder Woman singlets at Target atm if you are in need of one :)

Kek said...

Ooh, thanks Kathryn! Will go check them out.

Charlotte Orr said...

You're looking really well Kek!

Vicki said...

Looking mighty fine!! Great work!

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