Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A snap decision that paid big dividends

I was planning to write a follow-up to my brief celebrating ten years post, delving into how my idea of healthy living has changed over that time. I was also going to talk about how living a healthy lifestyle isn't a simple "happy ever after" story, and how...well, basically shit happens and sometimes you slide right off that wagon and it can take some superhuman effort to climb back on board.

I don't really have time to do the subject justice this morning, but something has happened that's pushed my timetable forward a little. Rewind back to January this year....

My battle with chronic overuse injuries for the previous several years had really tested my patience, my pain threshold and my commitment to training. As well, there had been constant stress in my life (some of it self-inflicted), plus hormonal upheaval that sometimes made me think I was going crazy. One thing led to another and BOOM! Welcome to the world of anxiety, where everything becomes a problem and nothing much ever gets achieved. Come on in, you too can be angry and miserable most of the time...

The inevitable result of all this was a marked decrease in exercise frequency - because, hell, I couldn't drag myself out of bed even on a good day - and a corresponding increase in meal sizes, treat foods and  glasses of wine. All of that added up to carrying around an extra 5 or so kilograms and being a lot less fit than I like to be - which really helped my anxiety too. (That was sarcasm, in case you weren't sure).

Add Christmas and January holidays to the mix and a few additional kgs crept on as well. On Australia Day, I said a final "Cheers, Big Ears" and resolved to stop acting like an idiot and get back to business as normal. A couple of days later, an email dropped into my inbox from David Greenwalt, letting me know that a new Leanness Lifestyle program, Lifestyle 180 was about to start. I'd signed up for the mailing list ages before, but had previously only skimmed the emails before hitting delete. This time though, something struck a chord.

I knew that I always do better with accountability, and I knew this program's reputation for results. I gave myself about 30 seconds, thought Damn, just do it! and signed myself up. I *may* have had a moment or two of OMG, what have I done? Hehe. Impulsiveness is my middle name.

The program officially started a week later, so I had a bit of time to familiarise myself with the website before really getting started. In my usual fashion, I just jumped right in and dropped quite a bit of weight even before the starter's gun went off on February 6th.

Twenty weeks later, I was leaner than I've been since I competed - in fact, I finished up on June 18th only 1kg off my competition weight; with quite a bit less muscle, sure, but Rome wasn't (re)built in a day. I was originally aiming for around 57-58kg; just trimming a little around the edges, you know. I finished at 53.2. O_O

If only you could see the MIND transformation...

Best of all, I've now got some really good insights into the workings of my subconscious, and I'm much more aware of the dialogue that runs on and on in my head about food, exercise and life in general. I've also FINALLY started doing something about that meditation thing I was always going to try. And I got to know some really great people along the way too - the whole experience has been a win-win.

Speaking of winning... it was quite a few weeks into the program that I realised there are actually cash prizes up for grabs for the most outstanding transformations amongst the L180 graduates. I can be a little slow at times. ANYWAY... so last night I was having a rare attack of insomnia and was amusing myself by playing around on my iPad in bed. I checked my email at about 1:00am and saw that the L180 finalists had been announced, so I clicked the link. HOLY CRAP - I'm one of them. I'm still feeling a little shocked.

Public voting is open and you can have a say in who wins. All of the finalists are deserving - I think most are far more deserving than me, to be perfectly honest. But hop on over and check out the transformations and vote for who you think should win. You can choose your three favourites from amongst the women finalists and then go do the same for the men.

What's that? You want to see my photos...? Then you have to go check out the finalists page.

TO VOTE - The ladies are here and the men over here. You have until (I think) 5:00pm Thursday Australian EST.

If you're in need of some help in the weight loss department and you'd like to do what I've done, there's a new intake starting on the 24th July. You can preregister here. I highly recommend it. Best thing I've done in a long, long time. :)



MTB Girl said...

You're a star - congratulations on the great results from all of your hard work, both mind and body xxx

Jensamom23 said...

You have done such a fantastic job!

Liz N said...

I think you're a legend Miss Kek - and have voted :)

Unknown said...

You are amazing!

Shauna said...

voted for you, hot stuff! congratulations :)

Debbish said...

Congrats. Voting done!

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