Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hitting my straps

I completed my CrankIt suspension training course a couple of weeks ago and am now an accredited CrankIt coach. Better still, I have a brand new set of straps hanging from my squat rack in the studio. Nothing injects some zing into your training like new stuff to play with.

Not exactly high-tech, but boy, are these things fun!
I'm loving the novelty factor of these things - so many new ways to do old exercises, plus some entirely new exercises added to my repertoire. Best of all, they allow me to work some of the body parts that have been a bit neglected thanks to my physical limitations. I still can't perform a bench press at the moment, thanks to my dodgy shoulder and tight chest - but to my delight, I can do a chest press using the CrankIt straps.

They're far more versatile than I expected them to be. Think of a muscle group and there will be at least one exercise, with progressions, that you can do using the straps. Think of an exercise and there will be an equivalent. This morning I did a whole body workout incorporating legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs. 

This is one of my favourites - the rotation pull. This video shows the advanced version, but you can take it up another notch by adding a dumbbell or kettlebell in your free hand. And obviously, you can increase the weight as you get stronger. 

I'm putting my ego aside and starting with the beginner or intermediate versions of most exercises. In fact, a few exercises are entirely beyond me at the moment. Since I love a challenge, I have something to work towards.

I'm hanging out for winter to pass (well, duh!) so that I can get back to outdoor training - one more great thing about the straps is that they can be attached to play equipment, tree branches or even basic posts. My park workouts just got a whole lot more interesting. Also probably more entertaining and/or perplexing for my neighbours. :)

What's your favourite piece of exercise equipment?


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